So You Think You Can Photograph!?

//So You Think You Can Photograph!?
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The picture must be taken by you. You may use photos you have already taken, but we greatly encourage you to go out and create new pictures. The picture can NOT have been entered in a previous HCOS Photo Contest. If there are people other than yourself in it, you must have their permission to enter the picture in the contest.

With your photo, we’d like you to list what camera you took the photo with (and what lens if you used one), a description of what is happening in the picture and why you feel it fits the theme. Also, include your name and grade so we know what age category to judge you in. – You guys then get to VOTE on your favorite pictures by hitting the LIKE button. The winner(s) will be chosen by our Judges who will take the ones with the most likes/votes into consideration.

This contest is open to all grades. You can submit up to 3 pictures in this contest. To upload your pictures…

You will be judged on

  • Fitting the theme of HELPING and/or SERVING
  • Creativity
  • Composition
  • Skill level
  • Is the image crisp or clear?
  • Is the focus adjusted appropriately?
  • Lighting

If for whatever reason, we receive less than 10 entries to this contest before the closing date the contest will be canceled. So, tell your friends to join the fun!!

There will be prizes awarded for this contest.

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