EverFi Subscription

EVERFI offers resources to schools, covering topics such as digital citizenship, STEM, financial literacy, and career readiness.

These programs are valued at over $1,000 per school and they are available to HCOS students at no cost – thanks to a partnership with the Vancouver Canucks! These are very popular. Each activity is only 25 minutes long, and you can decide which of the available activities is best for your students. They are ERAC-approved (Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium) and they are currently being used in 223 schools across the province, by more than 16,000 students!

Here are two brief videos to whet your appetite:

Ignition – Digital Literacy & Responsibility

Hockey Scholar Demo

The courses available to you through EVERFI are:

We can allow a parent or a teacher, either one, to set up their own students in the EVERFI site, with access to all the courses above.  Please email Beth Johnson for information about how to do that.  To access EVERI’s help and support centre, go to EVERI Help Centre.

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