Romans 15:4 (NIV)  For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope.

No matter if tests are something fun for you, or something that you don’t look forward to, they are always easier if you put in a bit of work to get ready for them! Here are some resources, tips, and tricks from our Subscriptions and Web-Link Library.

Subscription Resources:

Discovery Education: Research & Study Skills; Documentation, Preparation, Study Skills – Discover relevant instructional resources for each topic. Kindergarten-Grade 12

BC ExamBank: BC ExamBank is a website where students can write online practice exams in core subject areas for all grade levels from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The ExamBank consists of nearly 500 practice exams pertaining to British Columbia’s curriculum. The computer will mark your practice exam as soon as you’re done so that you can immediately see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. As the service is entirely web-based, no software needs to be installed, and it works equally well on Windows, Macintosh, or any other computer system with an Internet connection.

BrainPOP – Test Preparation: Got a quiz or test coming up? You’ll be a lot more ready to tackle it after you watch this BrainPOP movie on test preparation! In it, Tim and Moby guide you through the things you should do when you hear you’re going to have a test. Find out how you can make sure you’ll have plenty of time to study and why you shouldn’t cram. You’ll also learn what to do with all those notes you took in class and why a study group can be useful. Finally, see how to approach the day of the test, including what foods you should and shouldn’t eat. Study hard, and good luck!

Learn360 This Is a Test…This Is Only a Test; Test-Taking Techniques: Overcoming Test Anxiety / Read and Understand / Note Cards / Traditional Test Items / Oral Exams / Open-Book Tests and Take-Home Tests / Essay Tests / Multiple Choice Tests and Standardized Tests / The Four A’s Method

Web-Link Library Resources:

The 5 Best Study Apps for Students: It’s not easy for students to stay on task these days. From Facebook to Instagram and Twitter to instant messaging to pop up, there are so many distractions. Some study aid sites even offer a ‘study break’ where students can take five minutes to check out the latest celebrity news. But it’s never really five minutes, is it? So why not use technology to fight technology? There are some fabulous study aid apps out there designed especially to help students stay on track and stay focused.

5 Proven Study Habits for Getting Better Grades: These science-backed study techniques will help improve your focus and your grades.

8 Tips for Studying Smarter: The way most students study makes no sense. The majority of students study by re-reading notes and textbooks — but the psychologists’ research, both in lab experiments and of actual students in classes, shows this is a terrible way to learn the material. Using active learning strategies — like flashcards, diagramming, and quizzing yourself — is much more effective, as is spacing out studying over time and mixing different topics together. Welcome to the most comprehensive Study Skills website! Did you know good study skills are essential for learning and succeeding in school?  How-To-Study provides all the free resources you need to develop great study skills. So go ahead, explore!

How to Stay Calm During a Test: 5 written tips and a video (at the bottom of the page) from a teacher explaining tips that work the best for him and his students.

How to Calm Down in 10 Seconds: Fast Relaxation Trick to Stop Anxiety and Stress