Explorers – Grade 4

Explorers Physical Kit Guide

Items included in this kit, to be returned to HCOS:

  1. The Story of Rolf and The Viking Bow by Allen French
  2. The Kids Book of Canadian Exploration by Ann ­Maureen Owens & Jane Yealland
  3. The Kids Book of Canadian History by Carlotta Hacker
  4. Explorers of North America by Evan ­Moor Publishing
  5. The Usborne Internet Linked Viking World
  6. In the Footsteps of Explorers (Two Books, Various Titles)
  7. Professor Noggin’s Card Game
  8. Explorers Physical Kit Grade Four Parent Guide  There are links included in this guide. To access them easily, you will need to go to the online guide located in the L4U library system or on the http://www.hcslearningcommons.org site. For L4U ­ log in, type in name of unit study, click on title. In the item record, go to Resources and click on the link to the guide.

Online Resources:
Note: You will need to contact your child’s teacher in order to get login information for the following sites.

Enchanted Learning

Discovery Education


This unit includes a research project. I recommend using Canadian Student Research Centre from EBSCOhost to find articles and information. Canadian Student Research Centre is a fantastic tool that will enable your child to conduct age ­appropriate research. NOTE: Once you have logged in you will be able to choose from a range of search options.

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