This contest has been extended! You now have until 10 pm on Sunday, May 26th to enter.

We have received notes from a few students mentioning that they would like to enter but are camera shy. We would like everyone who wants to participate to be able to. It is important for students to be as involved in their entry as possible!

  • If they are camera shy and do not want to be in the video, students can submit an audio file, point the camera at the wall or cover the camera as they read their poem.
  • If students don’t feel that they could be on camera or read their poem then someone else may do it on their behalf.

Loom is a free program for creating digital videos. There are other options (i.e., posting your video to facebook or youtube and copying the link over) but if you are looking for another way that doesn’t post your poem online to create a digital file, this may be a helpful program for you.

Vocaroo Is a free program fro creating audio files. (Vocaroo Tutorial)

Participants: There is a minimum participant cap on this contest. If for whatever reason, we receive less than 10 entries to this contest before the closing date the contest will be cancelled. Tell your friends to join the fun!!

Prizes for this contest are Amazon gift cards!

*If you have any questions please email Erin Duncan.

Enter the Contest!