Indigenous Peoples – Canada Resources

To search for performance standards and suggested activities for each topic and grade check out the FNESC recommendation.  We have a wide variety of First Peoples: Canada Resources that you can access via L4U, Overdrive, and via our Subscriptions.  For more information watch this short video here.

To find professional development and lesson plans check out this link Indspire.  Or contact your teacher for a correlations guide to discovering content in our learning commons.

To learn more about the Residential school system see websites at the bottom of this page. When reading some of these picture books in our e Library you may want to ask questions that lead to connections, predictions, and visualization.  You may want to tie into checking materials for stereotyping, language and Canadian content which authentically represents Indigenous Peoples today.   For ideas on how to do this follow these lesson plan ideas from StrongNations.  You may also want to share Indigenous Peoples history through our  kits .  Some of the concepts you may want to explore include respect, understanding, forgiveness, justice and restoration.  You may also want to read First Nations 101 to get a complete understanding of First Nations peoples.  We have several copies in our physical commons.  When sharing picture books with your students help them to identify with stereotyping via images, use of language and terminology.  Help students understand Indigenous peoples living in your area by going on field trips to Indigenous events,  listening to oral storytelling,  and researching peoples via their place of living.

This video shares the reasons why reconciliation is encouraged for all educators and families in our school.

In Our L4U Library

More than Moccasins – hands on activities for your First Nations studies.  Other wonderful resources include Lessons from Mother Earth, Secrets of the Dance, Salmon BoyGiving Thanks, Turtle Island Voices Pack 1 includes a teachers guide, Shi Shi -etco, All the Stars in the Sky, Inuksuk Means Welcome, The Elders are Watching, 

In Our Overdrive Library (Click on the First Peoples tab)

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Novels including: Belle of Batoche,  Catching Spring,  A Different Game, Dog Tracks, Hannah and the Salish Sea,  Little VoiceThe Lynching of Louie Sam, War Bird

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Picture Books including: All the Stars in the Heavens, Brothers of the Wolf, Cloudwalker, D is for Drum, The First Beaver, The First Mosquito, The Gift of the Inuksuk, The Girl Who Loved Horses, Giving Thanks, Hiawatha the Peacemaker, How Coyote Stole the Summer, How Things Came to Be,  The Huron Carol, The Lamp, the Ice and the Boat Called Fish, A Little Boy Catches a Whale, The Old Ways, A Promise is a Promise, The Raven and the Loon, The Raven Brings the Light, Secret of the Dance, Salmon’s Journey (and other Robert Challenger Titles), Salmon Twins, Sky Woman and the Big Turtle, Snow Bear, Star People

Books about Residential Schools: Fatty Legs, My Name is Seepeetza, Sugar Falls, Secret of the Dance and Stranger at Home

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Non-Fiction Titles: Algonquin, Art a la Carte: First Nations, Arctic Peoples, Arctic and Antarctic Projects, Arctic Communities Past and Present,  First Nations: Native Cultures of CanadaGrey Owl, Indigenous Peoples, Iroquios, The Life of Helen Betty OsborneNative Americans, Native American Cultures, Native Americans Pockets, Native Americans Unit Study, Native American History, The Scout: Tommy Prince.

In Our Subscriptions


K-3 Life of the Inuit Videos and lesson plans including quizzes.

Here are a few of the many Discovery Education videos available:

 Canadians – Rudy Wiebe on Big Bear – about the life of Big Bear – Plains Cree Chief – Grades 6-12, History Lands: Kejimkujik National Park – Nova Scotia – the Mikmaq First Nation of Nova Scotia, Living Histories: Cruel Lessons – about Residential Schools for Grades 9-12, Seekers III – a series of videos on Aboriginal Issues including – Faces of Statistics, We can Make a Difference, Take a Stand – Make a Difference, Stewards of the Land, Sharing the Wisdom, Building Community

Some of the Learn 360 videos available: Creative Native – a whole series of episodes about Aboriginal Art and Crafts, Native Peoples of the Plains, Native Peoples of the Woodlands, Native Peoples of the Northwest are part of a great series for learning more about the family life, traditions and ceremonies of each of these nations., Native American Folktales has 4 different folktales from four different Native Peoples., Comparing Lives of Native Americans would be a great option for comparing one Nation to another based on the environment they live in.

Other great sources for First Nations information would be Know BC and Explora (especially for articles on Residential Schools issues). 

Helpful Websites and Videos

Why Reconciliation in Eduction video?   Starleigh Grass TED X

Homeschooling blog on First Nations

ACIP Aboriginal Curriculum Integration Project

Anglican Church response to the Residential School system.

Catholic Voices to the Residential School system

Evangelical response to the Residential School System

Indigenous Voices and How to talk about Indigenous People video

Mennonite response to the Residential School System

ERAC correlations to Aboriginal Education and themes.

Colouring Book for representing the Stain Glass Window in Parlaiment Commemorating the Legacy of Residential Schools

Great Bear Sea elementary, secondary and post secondary lesson plans.

In Our Own Words:  K-3 learning for the classroom.  FNESC

Environmental Science lesson plans K-12

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

Forest and Oceans for the Future

The Learning Circle:  Classroom activities on First Peoples

Project of Heart Inquiry lesson plans and resources

Shared Learning from BC Education with ideas for First People’s integration

Strong Nations for a variety of First People’s Fiction and Non-Fiction titles

Curated web links on Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

Peace River District Competencies and curriculum

Math standards and videos:

Math Catcher:  Mathematics Through Aboriginal Storytelling.

Math grade 8/9 FNESC

FNER Math Resources Grades 4-6

Indigenous Peoples Math games

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