Forces Unit Study – Grade 1


Forces Unit Study Kit in L4U Library (login first)


  1. Let’s Move
  2. Move It!
  3. Forces Make Things Move
  4. Magnetism – optional reading and activities
  5. FORCES Parent Guide
  6. Student pages available for download
  7. Kit containing:
    • Film case of metal filings
    • 2 ring magnets
    • 2 Bar magnets
    • 5 small magnets
    • 1 Horseshoe magnet
    • 2 small metal bars

BC Provincial Learning Outcomes for Grade 1:

  • demonstrate how force can be applied to move an object
  • compare the effect of friction on the movement of an object over a variety of surfaces
  • demonstrate and describe the effects of magnets on different materials
  • communicate experiences, observations, and thinking in a variety of ways (e.g. verbally, pictorially, graphically)
  • classify objects, events, and organisms

Forces Unit Lesson and Activity List

The following list of lessons will guide you through the resource kit materials to effectively cover the Ministry Learning Outcomes related to grade one Physical Science. The lessons are based on a Science activity and discussion time lasting approximately 30-45 minutes.  You may split up the lessons into shorter pieces, if that works better for your family.  Materials for each lessons, or experiments are in bold so that you can be prepared with your materials.

Video clips can be found on Discovery Education or YouTube websites.  Ask your teacher for your Discovery Education password.  Have fun!

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