Gale Cengage Learning

Gale Cengage Learning is one of the world leaders in e-research and educational publishing for libraries and schools. It includes full-text magazine, newspaper articles and articles from over 600 online databases. These include the following resources:

  • Global Issues in Context
  • CPIQ
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library

Global Issues in Context offers international viewpoints on global issues, topics, and current events, including information on countries, geography, civics, and discussion of science issues. Resources may be used as a spring board for critical thinking and analysis of social, political, military, economic, environmental, health, and cultural issues. Through an array of multimedia and interactive presentations, including a text-to-voice reading option, students have access to articles, references, periodicals, and primary source and statistical information.

CPIQ Canadian Periodicals gives HCOS students access to a rich database of Canadian and international periodicals, including The Globe and Mail, Maclean’s weekly magazine, and Canadian News Facts. The collection also includes encyclopaedic reference materials such as Canadian Parliamentary Guide and Canadian Newsmakers, as well as biographies, historical documents, and science and technology essays.

Gale Virtual Reference Library opens a door to an online library database of encyclopaedias and specialized reference sources in the arts, environment, history, law, literature, medicine, science, and nation and the world.

Access to Gale Cengage database is through Encom. Please contact your teacher for the password.

Cost:  free to enrolled students

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