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Ah, the sun is shining, the kids are out playing and many a homeschool mom is up to her eyeballs in next year’s planning!  Take a break and read some wonderful books that will help inspire and guide you on this journey.  The Learning Commons has over 60 titles in the Homeschooling category.  Here are some highlights:

Classical Christian Education Made Approachable

This book is an excellent and concise overview of the Classical Christian educational model. It contrasts this approach with our modern day educational model and describes both the primary components of the Trivium as well as the rationale behind them that closely matches the abilities and interests of children as they grow and develop. The book is written using an easy-to-understand and compelling style. The easy way to describe the three parts of the Trivium (Grammar, Dialetic, & Rhetoric) is by the progression from knowledge to understanding to wisdom. The Classical Christian model is designed to help students to learn how to learn any subject and for them to see the interconnections between the subjects that are far less mutually exclusive than how they are typically perceived. Tosh Dempsey- Goodreads

Easy Homeschooling Curriculum

What is really worth learning? What can you impart that will make the most impact on your children’s lives as they grow to adulthood? In this classic volume by Lorraine Curry, you’ll discover the secrets of homeschooling through the Bible, classic literature & moral training – and then learn how to incorporate the supporting & formal subjects, the “Easy Homeschooling” way.

In addition to literature lists, topics of study, grade level guides and hundreds of practical day-to-day teaching tips, you’ll also learn:

Exactly how the literary method works – and why it is so effective
Detailed literature recommendations & ideas by grade level
How to reach your spiritual and educational goals
How to make the most of the “decade of impressibility” (age 6 – 16)
The key to identifying classic books that have huge value to your children
How to stimulate your child’s interest in specific subjects
What your child should be learning at each grade level
How to teach so your children’s learning is permanent
… and MUCH MORE!

Educating the Wholehearted Child; a handbook for Christian home education by Clay and Sally Clarkson 

“God did not forget to include “school” in his biblical design for raising children: home education is a natural expression of all that God intended for parents and their children. Clay and Sally Clarkson’s Educating the WholeHearted Child is about rediscovering God’s original design for the family. What you’ll find in this book is a homeschooling model that makes sense. It’s an approach that is based on sound biblical principles of nurture, discipleship, instruction, and learning. Newly revised and significantly expanded, Educating the WholeHearted Child is about much more than homeschooling; it is about life. Effective Christian homeschooling must begin with the sure foundation of a Christian home, and the Clarksons’ uncomplicated, common-sense approach to life and learning will provide you with the tools you need to experience God’s abundant blessings for your family”–Publisher’s description.

Home schooling children with special needs, challenges into opportunities by Sharon C. Hensley

It is estimated that 10% of American families have children with special learning needs. Sharon Hensley gives her readers a fresh perspective in facing the challenges of home schooling children with special needs. Parents will appreciate her first hand experience dealing with the frustrations and joys of raising and teaching children with special needs.

The Home Schooling Father

How you can play a decisive role in your child’s success. With seven succinct chapters, Farris takes the reader through the responsibilities that rest on the man who has chosen with his wife to homeschool their children.

Homeschool open house, interviews with 55 homeschooling families 

The interviews in this book help us all get a glimpse inside another family and see how they make decisions, move through their days, deal with ranges of ages of kids, experience vastly different situations, set in varied locales.

The Imperfect Homeschooler’s Guide to Homeschooling, a 20-year homeschool veteran reveals how to teach your kids, run your home and overcome the inevitable challenges of the homeschooling life

Offers information, encouragement, and practical tips on home schooling, discussing teaching specific subjects, techniques, and ideas, using a packaged curriculum, achievement testing, overcoming obstacles, coping with changes, and other related topics.

Laying Down The Rails, A Charlotte Mason Habits Handbook.

Discover the secret to smooth and easy days! The mother who takes pains to endow her children with good habits secures for herself smooth and easy days.—Charlotte Mason

Charlotte likened good habits to rails on which our children’s lives could run smoothly. It is the parent’s business to lay down those rails.

Here, compiled into one volume, are all the habits Charlotte mentioned in her writings with her thoughts and suggestions for cultivating each one. This work also includes Charlotte’s help for breaking bad habits, hundreds of inspiring quotes, and lots of practical tips.
Complete—Details more than fifty CM habits with their corresponding passages from Charlotte’s writings, as well as her thoughts on the importance of habits.
Practical—Presents Charlotte’s writings in bite-size chunks with summary statements and quick personal review questions. Modern-day examples offer additional insight into applying CM principles today.
Organized—Arranges all the habits into five main categories: decency and propriety habits, mental habits, moral habits, physical habits, and religious habits.
Handy—Provides a Habits Checklist to help you track your child’s and your own progress in developing good habits.
Encouraging—Motivates and inspires you with wonderful quotes from Charlotte Mason and many other great men and women of history, like Helen Keller, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emerson, C. S. Lewis, Thomas Edison, and more!
Easy to Use—Acts as a quick and easy reference book with an Index that lists all the habits and the pages on which they are mentioned.

So you’re thinking about homeschooling : fifteen families show how you can do it!

Confused and intimidated by the complexities of homeschooling, many parents assume it could never work for them. Now an updated edition of So You’re Thinking About Home Schooling by Lisa Whelchel—herself a homeschooling mother of three—introduces to readers fifteen composite portraits of homeschooling families who show how every family can successfully face the unique challenges of its situation. The story-based approach deals with common questions of time management, teaching weaknesses, and outside responsibilities, as well as children’s age variations, social and sports involvement, learning disabilities, and boredom. Seeing a wide variety of homeschooling families in action gives parents the information and confidence they need to make their own decisions about home-based education.

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