Getting Started Using the Search Portal

Important!  You Must Access the Search Portal Through Your Account Type

Search Portal Login

Use your Encom credentials to log in.  Your login page should look like this,

If you have lost your Encom login information, you may reset it here.

Search Portal Login

Please email Shandra Wiebe or Beth Johnson for your username and password if you do not already have them.  Your login page should look like this,

Search for an item using the search bar. The default search is by Keyword, but you can choose from the drop-down menu to search by Relevance, Title, Author, Subject, Series etc.  There is also an Advanced (with And/Not options) search, and a Kids search. To view a video on how to search, click on the question mark.

You can also view the Most Circulated items and the New Titles.

Choose from the tabs under the search bar to see results from:

  • Catalogue/eBooks
  • Subscriptions/Databases
  • Web links

You can further refine your search by using the options in the left column to limit results by Material type, Subject, Author, Series and more.  Make sure you click the refresh button after making your selections. 

Click on the Question Mark to view a video on how to search.

When you click on “Book Item”, a calendar will appear. The small, red numbers indicated how many copies are available on that day.  On the left, you will see your Site, in this case, HCOS5, which means this person is 5 shipping days away. Be sure to choose a date that allows the number of shipping days before you want to receive.  Click on the date, in this example Sept. 12th was chosen.

Click Book Items.

The Calendar now shows the full-time period of the booking, including shipping days. A pop up will confirm if your booking went through.

To view your bookings and items out, hover over “My Account”, then “My Borrowing”, and then select “Booking”.

To view all of your bookings for the year, enter the From and To dates. All items will display.

You will see:

  1. The booking loan period
  2. Shipping to and from days
  3. The Cancel button – just click to cancel your booking
  4. Edit Booking button – click to change your dates

To view items you have out, check due dates and renew, hover over the “My Account” icon, then “My Borrowing”, then select “Loan”.

Go to the  Overdrive Virtual Library via the OverDrive Education button on the right column of the home page.

  • Click Login
  • Log in to your account using your Encom Username
To access a complete listing of subscriptions, you will need to log in to the Search Portal.  To find the passwords for various subscriptions, choose the Subscriptions icon in the menu along the top.  This will take you to the Subscriptions page, which has the subscriptions links, usernames and passwords, or information where you can find them.