Gr. 7 Creation and Evolution Digital Guide

Cover Seventh Grade Creation and Evolution Digital

The Grade Seven Creation and Evolution Digital Unit Study will provide you with an overview of the three primary perspectives on the origin of living organisms. It will look at secular evolution, theistic evolution, and creationism. We believe that it is important for students to have an understanding of all three viewpoints in order to better articulate their own perspectives and beliefs. We encourage you to explore resources alongside your child to facilitate quality discussion about these complex topics.

This kit includes a wide variety of ideas using Overdrive digital resources, subscriptions, and web links, and a large selection of projects for your student. This guide is designed to meet BC’s New Curriculum Social Studies Learning Standards for Grade 7 but includes many cross-curricular project suggestions.

Download the Gr. 7 CreationandEvolutionDigitalKitGuide  (Using Overdrive Resources)

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