Cover Kinetic Molecular TheoryThe Gr. 8 Kinetic Molecular & Atomic Theory Digital Unit Study Kit includes books from the HCS Overdrive E-Library, videos to watch, and activities to share with your child.

You will not be required to complete all activities listed under each key question, instead, you will be able to choose activities which most appeal to you and your child.

Each key question featured in the unit will include recommendations on how many activities to complete in order to fully address the curriculum content and competencies. Finally, each activity will have icons showing which competencies of BC’s new curriculum the activity addresses.

Download the Kinetic Molecular & Atomic Theory Digital Unit Study Kit

Please note, we have removed the introductory section of these newly formatted kits, to make it easier for you to find the content of the kit.  If you are not yet familiar with this important information, please refer to this document: 

Download Intro to Science Unit Study Kits for Grades 7 and Up