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This page is dedicated to resources for HCOS and campus grad students in grades 10-12. As the new BC curriculum calls for more inquiry/research based competencies it is imperative that our students know how to research, and find resources that are essential to their learning and projects.

 These resources are web links, physical materials, social networks and digital tools and resources.  They are curated under topic and fit into the grades 10-12 category. Please click on the appropriate tab or page to find your search topic.

Applied Skills

Arts Education

Christian Studies

Career Education

English Language Arts

Foreign Languages


Physical and Health Education

Research Help


Social Studies

Social Network -Ning 

Important Notes:

  • We encourage all students to sign up to follow the learning commons blog as contests and other exciting things happen which will help your learning throughout the year.  Just click on the Follow Me button on the home page of the learning commons.  This will show in your RSS feed.
  • If you would like research help with a project or building a bibliography contact teacher librarian Pippa Davies who would love to help assist you brainstorm essential questions and find resources.  Pippa can also help you with Overdrive e book resources.
  • If you would like help joining the Ning contact Erin Duncan our forum and Ning moderator.
  • Contact Sue Savard for career and health or guidance counselling questions.
  • If you need curriculum guidance for high school contact Natalie Sing
  • For help with physical resources from L4U contact Shandra Wiebe
  • For help with subscriptions contact Beth Johnson

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