Grade 10 – 12 – Grad Program Resources

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BC’s new curriculum calls for more inquiry/research-based competencies than ever before.  It is imperative that our students know how to research, and find resources that are essential to their learning and projects.

Research help

Learning activities using technology (digital literacy)

BC’s New Curriculum Grade 10-12 Drafts

The links below reference web links, physical materials, social networks and digital tools and resources.

ADST: Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies

Grade 10 – 12 ADST Titles in Overdrive eBook Library

Applied Skills Resources General Page

Applied Skills for Grades 10 – 12

MakerEd Resources

Arts Education

Arts Education Gr. 10 – 12 page

Grade 10 – 12 Arts Education Titles in Overdrive eBook Library

L4U physical resources, and OverDrive digital resources:  search topic(s) of interest

Career Education

Grade 10 – 12 Career Education Titles in Overdrive eBook Library

Search under topics of interest in our OverDrive digital resource library, and L4U physical resource library

Christian Studies

Christian Studies Grade 10 – 12 Page

RightNow Media subscription

See OverDrive digital resources, and L4U physical resources:  search by topic

Curriculum Correlations

Grade 10 – 12 Curriculum Correlations

English Language Arts

English Language Arts Grade 10 – 12 Page

Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages Grade 10 – 12 Page

Indigenous Peoples

Overdrive eBooks Correlated to Competencies


Mathematics Grade 10 – 12 Page

Online Courses

We have a broad offering of Online Courses, including a wide range of foreign language courses.

Overdrive E-Resources

You can find our Grade 10 – 12 titles in “Collections” in Overdrive

Themed Resources on OverDrive (non-fiction interests; all ages)

Indigenous Peoples books on Overdrive

Physical and Health Education

Physical and Health Education Grades 10 – 12 Page


Science Grades 10 – 12 Page

Grade 10 – 12 Science Titles in Overdrive eBook Library

Social Studies

Social Studies Grades 10 – 12 Page

Grade 10 – 12 Social Studies Titles in Overdrive eBook Library

Special Education Resources

Visit our SE page here

Web Links

Grades 10 – 12 Web linking  page

Important Notes:

  • We encourage all students to sign up to follow the learning commons blog as contests and other exciting things happen which will help your learning throughout the year.  Just click on the Follow Me button on the home page of the learning commons.  This will show in your RSS feed.
  • If you would like research help with a project or building a bibliography, contact teacher-librarian Pippa Davies, .  She would love to help assist you brainstorm essential questions and find resources.  Pippa can also help you with Overdrive eBook resources.
  • If you would like help joining the Ning social network, contact Erin Duncan, our forum and Ning moderator – .

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