Grade 2 Reading List

**Note: These books are suggestions based on the topics and time frames in the Big Ideas (below) of the BC Education Plan. These do not meet all of the standards below but can be used as part of your student’s learning plan.**

Also this list is a suggested list for parents to use at their own discretion.    Feel free to contact Pippa should you have concerns.

Social studies Picture Books in Overdrive

Fiction Social Studies

A Different Game by Sarah Olsen (First Peoples)

An Inuksuk Means Welcome!  Mary Wallace (First Peoples)

All The Stars in the Sky:  C.J Taylor (First Peoples)

Buffalos Before Breakfast :  Mary Pope Osborne (First Peoples hunting)

Giving Thanks by Chief Jake Swamp (First Peoples culture)

How Coyote Stole the Summer; A Native American Folktale

L is For the Land of Living Skies:  A Saskatchewan Alphabet:  Linda Aksomitis

Peace Week in Miss Fox’s Class:  Eileen Spinelli

Raven Brings Back the Sun Suzanne Barchers (First Peoples)

Secret of the Dance:  Andrea Spalding (First Peoples)

Sky Woman and the Big Turtle; An Iroquois Creation Myth:  Anita Yasuda

The Gift of the Inuksuk:  Michael Ulmer (First Peoples)

The Matatu:  Eric Walters (Communities around the World)

Mimi’s Village:  Katie Smith Milway (Communities around the World and Needs and Wants)

The Everlasting Embrace:  Gabrielle Emmanuelle (Communities around the World)

The Red Bicycle:  Jude Isabella (Global Citizenship and Needs and Wants)

The Soccer Fence; A Story of Friendship, Hope and Apartheid in South Africa:  Phil Bildner (Needs and Wants)

This Child, Every Child:  A book About the World’s Children :  David J. Smith (Global citizenship)

Fiction Science

A Crash Course in Forces and Motion with Max Axiom Super Scientist:  Emily Sohn (Force and Motion)

A Drop around the World:  Barbara Shaw McKinney.  Teaching Guide also on Overdrive. (Water Cycle)

A Long Walk to Water Linda Sue Park  (Water Importance)

Afternoon on the Amazon:  Mary Pope Osborne and the non fiction companion is Rain Forests (Life cycles)

Because of an Acorn:  Lola Schaefer (Plant life cycles)

Burn:  Darcy Pattison (Materials change Through physical and chemical processes)

Do you really want to create a mud slide?  Adventures in Science:  Daniel D Maurer (Physical and chemical changes)

Do 4 U The Robot experiences Force and Motion:  The Science Lab:  Mark Weakland (Force and Motion)

Eagles Reflection:  Robert James Challenger (Animal Life cycles)

Egg; Natures Perfect Package:  Robin Page (Life cycle)

Energy:   Heat Light and Fuel:  Darlene R. Stille (Physical and Chemical changes)

The Fantastic Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau:  Dan Yaccorino (animal life cycles)

Flo and Eddy’s Water Adventure:  Lori Nunn (Water cycle)

Follow That Tap Water:  Bridget Heos (Water cycle)

Going Home:  Marianne Berks (Animal Migration)

Grizzly’s Home:  Robert James Challenger (Animal cycle)

Hey Diddle Diddle; A Food Chain Riddle:  Pam Kapchinske (Food chain)

How We Know what we Know About our Changing Climate  Lynn Cherry Teaching Guide (Sustainability)

Lifetimes:  (plant and animal cycles) David Rice Teaching Guide

Mouse in a Meadow:  John Himmelman (Life cycle animals)

Natures Circle Robert James Challenger (First Peoples)

Natures Patchwork Quilt Mary Miche (Habitats)

Noahs Ark; Brick Bible for Kids  Brendan Powell Smith (Water and flooding)

O Canada Per-Henrik Gurth (Canada regions)

Ocean Soup:  Stephen Swinburne (Plant and animal life cycles/poetry)

On the Move:  Mass Migrations Scotti Cohn (Life cycle animals)

One Well:  The Story of Water on Earth Rochelle Strauss (Water- sustainability)

Orca’s Family Robert James Challenger (First Peoples)

Our Big Home an Earth Poem Linda Glaser (Sustainability)

Our First Caribou Hunt Chris Giroux (First Peoples)

Over in Australia  Amazing Animals Down Under:  Marianne Berkes (Animals life cycle)

Over in the Arctic Where the Cold Winds Blow:  Marianne Berkes (Canada regions)

Over in the Forest Come and Take a Peek:  Marianne Berkes (Plants life cycles)

Over in the Jungle:  Marianne Berkes (Plants life cycle)

Pass the Energy Please Barbara Shaw McKinney  Teaching Guide

Peace Dancer Roy Henry Vickers (First Peoples)

Raven Brings Back the Sun Suzanne I. Barchers (First Peoples)

Salmon Forest:  David Suzuki (Sustainability)

Salmon Stream:  Carol Reed-Jones (Life cycle animals)

Salmon’s Journey Robert James Challenger (life cycle salmon/First Peoples)

Sky Woman and the Big Turtle Anita Yasuda

T is For Territories:  Michael Kusugak (Canada regions)

The Salmon Twins:  Caroll Simpson (First Peoples)

This the Sea that Feeds Us: Robert F Baldwin (Sustainability)

Trout Are Made of Trees:  April Pulley Sayre (plants, animals and poetry)

Turtle Turtle Watch Out!  April Pulley Sayre (life cycle sea turtle)

Water is Water Miranda Paul (Water cycle)

What Does it Mean to be Green?  Rana DiOrio (Sustainability)

Applied Skills

The Bay Street Blogger :  Nan Walker

The Code King’s Castle:  Anastasia Suen (coding)

Doug Unplugged:  Dan Yaccorino (robotics)

Iggy Peck Architect:  Andrea Beatty (making and architecture)

The Lego Adventure Book:  Megan H Rothrock (Lego and robotics)

Nick and Tesla’s Robot Army Rampage:  Bob Pflugfelder (robotics)

Career Education

One Hen;  CitizenKid:  Katie Smith Millway

Razia’s Ray of Hope; CitizenKid :  Elizabeth Suneby

Tom’s New Business:  Mary Hertz Scarborough

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