Grade 3 Current Overdrive Resources


Plants – Growth and Changes

What is a Plant?

Plants as Food, Fuel and Medicine

Food From the Sun

The Pumpkin Book

Materials and Structures

Cool Structures

Buildings and Structures

Bridges and Tunnels

Let’s Try it out: Towers and Bridges

Forces on Structures and Mechanisms

Stars and Planets

Lost in the Solar System

Meet the Planets

100 Facts: Space


Space Frontier

Amazing Solar System Projects

Social Studies

Needs and Wants

Lily Learns about Needs and Wants

Provinces and Territories/ Major Landforms

Canada, The Land


Canada Eh?

Local Government

no titles at this time

Importance of Communities over Time – Cultural Similarities and Differences

Canadian Urban and Rural Communities

Communities Past, Present and Future

Communities Around the World

Canada The Culture

Canada, The People

Kids Love Canada – Symbols and Communities

Multicultural Canada

Language Arts

Animal Reports

Country Reports

Creative Writing Ideas

Easy File Folder Reports


Fairy Tales

Fall Writing

Folk Tales

Fractured Fairy Tales

Giant Write Every Day

Grammar Games

Graphic Organizer Roundup

Guided Report Writing

How to Write Reports on Books

I Can Write a Book About Countries

I Can Write a Book About Cultures

I Can Write a Book About History

I Can Write a Book About How to Be Happy and Healthy

Journaling and Writers Notebook Ideas

Literacy Safari

Literature Circle Gazette

Literature Pockets – Folk Tales and Fairy Tales

Literature Pockets – Aesop’s Fables

Modern Cursive Handwriting Practice

Movie Response Sheets

My Super Science Journal

Mystery Series – The Case of the Captured Cat

Mystery Stories (Writing Stories)

Non-Fiction Reading

Opinion Writing – The Best Invention Ever

Paragraph Writing

Persuasive Writing

Poetry Patterns

Poetry – Read and Understand

Poetry Read and Understand

Poetry Writing Journal

Read a Book – Make a Book

Reading Response Foldable

Spectrum Writing 3

Spring Writing

Take it to Your Seat – Writing Centres

Take it to Your Seat – Writing Centres

Tall Tales

Traditional Cursive

Winter Writing

Writing Personal Narratives

Writing – Elementary Poets


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