Grade 4 Earth, Sun and Moon Physical Unit Study Kit

The following resources are included in the physical kit and will need to be returned to HCOS:

  1. All The Stars in the Sky by C.J. Taylor
  2. The Astronomy Book by Dr. Jonathan Henry
  3. Study Guide by Dr. Jonathan Henry
  4. Stars and Planets by Pan Canadian Science
  5. Weather: DK Eye Wonder by Lorrie Mack
  6. Weather Watcher: DK Nature Activities by DK
  7. Weather Watch by Pan Canadian Science
  8. Grade 4 Earth, Sun and Moon Physical Unit Study Kit Guide
  9. Weather card game

All unit studies are checked to ensure links are working. You can access the to-date guides on our website:, under Distance Learning Resource, Unit Study Kits K-9. Or you can log in to L4U and search for the unit study title. The guides can be found in the title record at the bottom of the page, under Resources, and can be downloaded.

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