My Super Science Journal

Scientific Method Lab Report Booklet to use with Any Experiment by Engaging Lessons

Ecosystems and Biomes:

Afternoon in the Amazon and Rainforests Fast Tracker

Ecosystems – Classroom Complete Press

Ecosystems – Super Cool Science Experiments

Food Chains and Webs

Forest Food Chains

Inside Ecosystems and Biomes

Living Things Unit Study by Evan Moor

Secrets of Habitats

Understanding Biomes

Wetland Food Chains

What are Food Chains and Webs?

Many Biomes One Earth

Solids, Liquids and Gases:

Amazing Kitchen Chemistry Projects

Hands on Chemistry Experiments

Junk Drawer Chemistry – 50 Awesome Experiments that Don’t Cost a Thing

Kid Science – Chemistry Experiments (Streaming Video)

Kitchen Chemistry

Matter and it’s Changes Unit by Rainbow Horizons

Properties of Matter

Simple Chemistry Unit by Evan Moor

Energy – Various Forms, Conservation, Devices that Transform Energy:

Energy – 25 Projects

Energy Around Us Unit by Rainbow Horizons

Energy Unit Study by Evan Moor

Energy for Every Kid

Using STEM to Investigate Alternative Energy (at a higher grade level but may be useful)

The Earth, including Seasons, Rotation of Axis, Tides, Day and Night including Nocturnal animals:

Amazing Solar System Projects

Discover! Solar System Unit

The Earth

Far Out Guide to the Earth

Space Frontiers

Aboriginal and other stories based on the relationship between the Sun and Moon:

All The Stars in the Heavens

Social Studies:

Early contact, co-operation and conflict between First Peoples and Explorers:

Champlain – Peacemaker and Explorer

James Cook

Explorers of North America Unit by Evan Moor

Jacques Cartier Reader’s Theatre

Travel with Great Explorers Series – Henry Hudson, Samuel De Champlain, Leif Ericsson, Jacques Cartier

Your Life as An Explorer on a Viking Ship

World Explorers by Rainbow Horizons

Fur Trade in Canada and BC:

The Broken Blade

Mapping in the Wilderness – The Story of David Thompson

War Bird

Changes in British Columbia – economic and political factors that influenced colonization and BC joining Confederation:

Yukon Gold Rush Unit by Rainbow Horizons

Jo’s Journey

The West is Calling

Impact of colonization of First Peoples:

First Nations: Native Cultures of Canada

Willa’s New World

History of Local community and First Nations communities:

Northwest Indians

Grizzly’s Home

Nature’s Circle

Orca’s Family

Language Arts:

Easy Teach Poetry Unit

Fables Unit by School Rules

Fall Writing Unit by School Rules

Folk Tales Unit by School Rules

Fractured Fairy Tales by Endeavours in Education

Grammar Games

Graphic Organizer Round-Up

How to Write a Story by Evan Moor

I Can Write a Book About Series by Bobbie Kalman – Countries, Culture, History and How to Be Healthy and Happy

Journaling and Writers Notebook Ideas by School Rules

Literacy Safari

Literature Circle Gazette

Greek and Roman Myths Literature Pockets by Evan Moor

Literature Pockets, Caldecott Winners – by Evan Moor

Literature Pockets, Non Fiction – by Evan Moor

Literature Pockets, Tall Tales by Evan Moor

Literature Pockets, Fiction by Evan Moor

Movie Response Sheets to use with Any Movie by Engaging Lessons

Mystery Series – Case of the Captured Cat

Mystery Stories – Writing Stories

Non-Fiction Reading Resources by School Rules

Opinion Writing – The Greatest Invention Ever

Persuasive Writing by School Rules

Poetry, Read and Understand by Evan Moor (3-4)

Poetry, Read and Understand by Evan Moor (4-5)

Poetry Writing Handbook

Writing Poetry and Literary Devices by Endeavours in Education

Reading Response Foldables

Spectrum Writing Grade 4

Spring Writing by School Rules

Writing Centres, Take it to your Seat by Evan Moor (3-4)

Writing Centres, Take it to your Seat by Evan Moor (4-5)

Tall Tales by School Rules

Winter Writing by School Rules

Writing Fabulous Sentences and Paragraphs by Evan Moor

Writing Personal Narratives by School Rules

Writing Poetry for Elementary Poets by School Rules


Just Graphin Fun by Engaging Lessons

Daily Math Practice by Evan Moor (Grade 4)

Games and Activities that Make Math Easy and Fun Series by Lynette Long – Fabulous Fractions, Delightful Decimals and Perfect Percents, Wacky Word Problems, Measurement Mania and Groovy Geometry

Cool Structures, Creative Activities that Make Math and Science Fun for Kids – Cool Structures and Cool Tessellations