Grade 4 Current Overdrive Resources


Habitats and Communities

Afternoon in the Amazon with Rainforests Fact Tracker

Secrets of Habitats

Wetland Food Chains

Forest Food Chains

Food Chains and Webs

Food Chains and Webs

Light and Sound

Discover! Light and Sound

Physical Science Grades 4-6

Sound and Hearing

Secrets of Light


Let’s Investigate Light

Light – Reflection and Refraction

Super Cool Science Experiments – Light


Weather Unit

Weather Patterns

Weather Projects


Social Studies

Aboriginal Cultures including technologies and Governance

The Inuit

First Nations: Native Cultures in Canada

Native Americans

Native Americans

Northwest Indians


Indian Captive

Indian in the Cupboard Audio, Indian in the Cupboard Novel Study

The Return of the Indian

European Exploration

Explore with Jacques Cartier

Explore with Henry Hudson

Explore with Leif Eriksson

Explore with Samuel de Champlain

Explorers of North America

Discovering and Exploring the Americas


Mapping the Wilderness – David Thompson

World Explorers

Canadian Mapping

Canada, the Land

Canada Eh?



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