Grade 4 Video Resources

Grade 4 Video Resources in PDF Format for Downloading 

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Biomes, Ecosystems and Habitats

The Five Senses (Discovery Education)

Oceans Alive: Fish Senses (Discovery Education)

The Sensational Five: The Inside Story of Your Five Senses (Discovery Education)

Animal Features and Their Functions (Discovery Education)

Habitats: How Animals Adapt to Their Environments (Discovery Education)

Exploring Marine Biomes (Discovery Education)

Exploring Desert Biomes (Discovery Education)

Exploring Grassland Biomes (Discovery Education)

Exploring Forest Biomes (Discovery Education)

Exploring Freshwater Biomes (Discovery Education)

Exploring the Diversity of Life: Life in Layers (Discovery Education)

Concepts in Nature: Where Animals Live (Discovery Education)

A World of Wonders: Gorillas in Our Midst (Discovery Education)

A World of Wonders: Game Driving (Kenya) (Discovery Education)

TEAMS: Ecosystems Adaptations (Discovery Education)

The Magic School Bus Gets Swamped (Discovery Education)

The Magic School Bus Gets Eaten (Discovery Education)

Reading Rainbow: Is This a House for Hermit Crab? (Learn 360)

The Interdependence of Life (Learn 360)

The Biosphere (Learn 360)

Aquatic Biomes (Learn 360)

Tundra Biomes (Learn 360)

Desert Biomes (Learn 360)

Pollution of the Food Chains (Learn 360)

Real World Science: Ecosystems and Biomes (Discovery Education)

TEAMS: Ecosystems, Habitats, and Biomes (Discovery Education)

Mount Kilimanjaro Virtual Field Trip (Discovery Education)

The Waterhole (Discovery Education)

CG Kids: Wetlands, Evaporating Habitat (Discovery Education)

The Wolf Project and the Black Bear Project (Discovery Education)

Ocean Habitats: Shoreline and Reef (Discovery Education) 

Ocean Habitats: Light and Dark Zones (Discovery Education)

The Tropical Rainforest Habitat (Discovery Education)

The Wetlands (Discovery Education)

Animal Communities (Discovery Education)

Elementary Video Adventures: Habitats of the World (Discovery Education)

Desert Habitats (Discovery Education)

Frozen Planet: Winter (Discovery Education) 

TLC Elementary School: Earth’s Ecology (Discovery Education)

Fire: Helpful and Destructive (Discovery Education)

The Food Chain Mystery (Discovery Education)

You in the Food Web (Discovery Education)


Earth, Sun and Moon

A Closer Look at Space: The Moon (Discovery Education)

TLC Elementary School: The Moon and Beyond (Discovery Education)

Indonesia: Total Eclipse of the Sun (Discovery Education)

Solar Eclipse (Discovery Education)

Our Home in Space (Discovery Education)

Does the Moon Make Light, or Reflect it? (Learn 360)

Learn to Sign the Words Night, Moon and Stars (Learn 360)

East of the Sun, West of the Moon: We All Have Tales (Learn 360) 

Why Are There Holes on the Moon? (Learn 360)

Eclipses (Learn 360)

Sun: What’s UP in Space (Learn 360)

Map Skills: Understanding Latitude, the Earth’s Tilt, Direct Sunlight, and the Seasons (Learn 360)

Climate (Learn 360)

The Earth (Learn 360)

The Stars (Learn 360)

Observing Weather (Learn 360)

Wild Weather (Learn 360)

Weather on the Move (Learn 360)

Weather Around Us (Learn 360)

The Nature of Weather (Learn 360)

MathMastery: Weather (Learn 360)

Drifting Desert Sands: Affecting the Weather (Learn 360)

Adaptations (Learn 360)

Nature’s Power: Seasons of the Year (Discovery Education)

The Four Seasons (Discovery Education)

The Four Seasons (Discovery Education)

Frozen Planet: Ends of the Earth (Discovery Education)

Weather Smart: Weather (Discovery Education)

Weather Changes and Measurement (Discovery Education)

Earth, Sun and Moon (Learn 360)

Exploring Earth, Sun and Moon (Learn 360)

MathMastery: The Earth in Space (Learn 360) 

Tides (Learn 360)

Day and Night (Learn 360)



Energy (Learn 360)

Exploring Energy (Learn 360)

Using Energy (Learn 360)

Heat and Energy (Learn 360)

Kinetic and Potential Energy (Learn 360)

Energy: Types and Transformations (Discovery Education)

Exploring Energy and Heat (Discovery Education)

Exploring Energy (Discovery Education)

Physical Science Investigation, Motion, Forces and Energy (Discovery Education)

Basics of Physics: Exploring Energy (Discovery Education)

Getting to Know Energy (Discovery Education)

Exploring Energy (Discovery Education)

Heat, Temperature, and Energy (Discovery Education)

Power Up: Energy in Our Environment (Discovery Education)

Telling Tales: Jason and Medea (Discovery Education)

The Nature of Waves (Discovery Education)

Electricity and Magnetism: Generating Electricity (Discovery Education)

Physical Science: Light (Discovery Education)

I Want to Know: Nuclear Power (Discovery Education)

A First Look: Electricity (Discovery Education)

I Want to Know: Sunlight (Discovery Education)

Energy Efficiency (Discovery Education)

Conserving Energy (Discovery Education)

Windstalk Concept Clean Energy Project (Discovery Education)

Solar Cogeneration: A More Efficient Form of Power (Discovery Education)

Wind Farm (Discovery Education)

Ocean Wave Electricity (Discovery Education)

How a Nuclear Plant Works (Discovery Education)

Geothermal Energy: How it Works (Discovery Education)

National Energy Star Day 2015 Virtual Field Trip (Discovery Education)


Matter: Solids, Liquids and Gasses

Investigating Change: Observe and Make Predictions About Changes in Matter (Discovery Education)

Describing Matter and Its Properties (Discovery Education)

Particles and Matter (Discovery Education)

Describing Matter (Discovery Education)

Common Properties of Matter (Discovery Education)

Matter and Its Properties: Changes in Matter (Discovery Education) 

Matter and Its Properties: Measuring Matter (Discovery Education)

Matter and Its Properties: Observing the Properties of Matter (Discovery Education)

Matter and Its Properties: What Makes up Matter? (Discovery Education)

Matter: Building Blocks of the Universe (Discovery Education)

TLC Elementary School: Introduction to Physical Science (Discovery Education)

Matter: Real World Science (Learn 360)

The Changing Phases of Matter (Discovery Education)

Exploring the Building Blocks of Matter (Discovery Education)

Properties of Matter Part 1 (Discovery Education)

Properties of Matter Part 2 (Discovery Education)

Changes in the Properties of Matter: Physical and Chemical (Discovery Education)

TEAMS Chemistry: Properties of Matter (Discovery Education)

TEAMS Chemistry: Properties of Matter (Observing Matter and Changes) (Discovery Education)

Real World Science: Matter: Solids, Liquids, and Gases (Discovery Education) 

Matter and Its Properties: Exploring Phases of Matter (Discovery Education)

Social Studies:


British Columbia History

CG Kids: Kootenay National Park of Canada (Discovery Education)

Early History of the Pacific Region (Discovery Education)

19th Century Exploration and Trade in the Pacific Region (Discovery Education)

Great Canadian Rivers: Fraser River, British Columbia (Discovery Education)

History Lands: McLean Mill, British Columbia (Discovery Education)

History Lands: Fort Steele, British Columbia (Discovery Education)

History Lands, Rogers Pass, British Columbia (Discovery Education)

History Lands, Stanley Park, British Columbia (Discovery Education)

History Lands: Victoria’s Chinatown, British Columbia (Discovery Education)

Canadian Pacific Railway and the Opening of the West (Discovery Education)



Exploring the World: Spanish Explorers of North America (Discovery Education)

Exploring the World: The Viking Explorers (Discovery Education)

Exploring the World: The Portuguese Explorers (Discovery Education)

Age of Exploration: Exploring New Continents (Discovery Education)

Exploring the World: Ferdinand Magellan and the First Voyage Around the World (Discovery Education)

Famous Explorers (Learn 360)

Famous Explorers Video Quiz (Learn 360)

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado: Famous Explorers: Famous Explorers (Learn 360)

Sir Francis Drake: Famous Explorers (Learn 360)

Marquette – Joliet: Famous Explorers (Learn 360)

Hernando de Soto: Famous Explorers (Learn 360)

Henry Hudson: Famous Explorers (Learn 360)

Who Discovered North America? (Learn 360)

Explorers: Age of Discovery (Learn 360)

Conquest of the Americas (Discovery Education)

Aboriginal People of Canada Then and Now (Discovery Education)

Early Explorers: The Age of Discovery (Discovery Education)

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