Grade 5 Human Body Physical Unit Study Kit

The following resources are included in the physical kit and will need to be returned to HCOS:
1. Your Circulatory System by Conrad J. Storad
2. Your Digestive System by Rebecca L. Johnson                                                                                  3. Your Muscular System by Rebecca L. Johnson                                                                                   4. Your Respiratory System by Judith Jango-Cohen                                                                             5. Your Skeletal System by Caroline Arnold
6. Bodyworks by Pan Canadian Science
7. The Human Body – 25 Projects
8. Blood Pressure Monitor Kit
9. Human Body Card Game

10. Grade 5 Human Body Physical Kit Parent Guide

All unit studies are checked to ensure links are working. You will need to access the parent guide online as they have clickable links. They can be found on our website:, under Distance Learning Resource, Unit Study Kits K-9. Or you can log in to L4U and search for the unit study title. The guides can be found in the title record at the bottom of the page, under Resources, and can be downloaded.

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