Grade 5 Overdrive Resources for New Outcomes



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My Super Science Journal

Scientific Method Lab Report Booklet to use with Any Experiment by Engaging Lessons

Body Systems: Digestive, Excretory, Respiratory, Circulatory

Your Circulatory System

Human Body Coloring Book Reading Guide

Human Body

Human Body Big Book Classroom Complete Press

The Human Body – 25 projects

The Human Body – Evan Moor Unit Study

My Scrapbook of the Human Body

Kid Science: Amazing Human Body – streaming video

The Everything Kids Human Body Book

Learning about the Digestive and Excretory Systems

Your Respiratory System

Solutions and Solubility

Mixtures and Solutions

Kid Science: Chemistry Experiments – streaming video

Junk Drawer Chemistry

Machines including Simple Machines, Force, Constructed Machines, Machines found in Nature and Power (the rate of which energy is transformed)

Force , Motion and Simple Machines Classroom Complete Press

Magnificent Simple Machines

Lego Technic Idea Book: Simple Machines

Explore Simple Machines with 25 great projects

Simple Machines – Force, Motion and Energy

The Kids Book of Simple Machines – STEM activities

Zoom it! Invent New Machines that Move

George Ferris, What a Wheel

Earth Materials and Rock Cycle

Rocks and Minerals

Investigating Minerals, Rocks and Fossils

Explore Rocks and Minerals – 25 Great Projects

Rocks, Minerals and Soil

Minerals, Rocks, Volcanoes and Earthquakes

What is the Rock Cycle?

The Mineral Book

Sustainability and BC Living and Nonliving Resources include the Aboriginal interconnectedness in the Environment

Canadian Trees and the Urban Forest

Carbon Footprint Big Book Classroom Complete Press

Conservation Fresh Water Classroom Complete Press

Conservation Ocean Water Classroom Complete Press

Conservation Waterway Classroom Complete Press

Global Warming – Causes Classroom Complete Press

Global Warming – Effects Classroom Complete Press

Global Warming Reduction Classroom Complete Press

Water – Green Science Projects for a Sustainable Planet

Protecting our Natural Resources

Natural Resources – Maps of the Environment

Planet Earth – 24 Environmental Projects you Can Build Yourself

Prevention, Recycling and Conservation Classroom Complete Press

Explore Natural Resources – with 25 great projects

Environmental Engineer and the Science of Sustainability

Reducing Your Own Carbon Footprint Classroom Complete Press

Secrets of Pollution and Conservation

The Sea Wolves

Waste At the Source Classroom Complete Press

Waste The Global View Classroom Complete Press

Water Conservation Big Book Classroom Complete Press

Social Studies:

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Changing nature of Canadian Immigration over time

Our New Home – Immigrant Children Speak

The Underground Railroad – Uncovering the Past using Primary Sources

Underground Railroad for Kids

Underground to Canada Novel and Novel Study

The Ghost Train

Tales from Gold Mountain

Moses, Me and Murder

Past discrimination in Government policies, including Human Rights and responses to discrimination

Escape To Gold Mountain

By the Skin of His Teeth

Levels of Government, including participation and representation of Canada’s systems of Government

Canadian Government

How Does the Canadian Government Work?

Canadian Government and Elections

Resources for economic development in different regions

Maps of the Environmental World

Explore Natural Resources – with 25 great projects

First Peoples land ownership and use

Land Use

Language Arts:

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Critical Thinking Classroom Complete Press

Easy Teach Poetry Unit

Fables Unit by School Rules

Fall Writing Unit by School Rules

Folk Tales Unit by School Rules

Fractured Fairy Tales by Endeavours in Education

Grammar Games

Graphic Organizer Round-Up

How to Report on Books

How to Write an Essay Classroom Complete Press

How to Write a Book Report Classroom Complete Press

How to Write a Paragraph Classroom Complete Press

How to Write a Story by Evan Moor

I Can Write a Book About Series by Bobbie Kalman – Countries, Culture, History and How to Be Healthy and Happy

Journaling and Writers Notebook Ideas by School Rules

Literacy Safari

Literary Devices Classroom Complete Press

Literature Circle Gazette

Greek and Roman Myths Literature Pockets by Evan Moor

Literature Pockets, Caldecott Winners – by Evan Moor

Literature Pockets, Non Fiction – by Evan Moor

Literature Pockets, Tall Tales by Evan Moor

Literature Pockets, Fiction by Evan Moor

Movie Response Sheets to use with Any Movie by Engaging Lessons

Mystery Series – Case of the Captured Cat

Non-Fiction Reading Resources by School Rules

Opinion Writing – The Greatest Invention Ever

Persuasive Writing by School Rules

Poetry, Read and Understand by Evan Moor (4-5)

Poetry Writing Handbook

Writing Poetry and Literary Devices by Endeavours in Education

Reading Response Foldables

Reading Response Forms Classroom Complete Press

Spectrum Writing Grade 5

Spring Writing by School Rules

Writing Centres, Take it to your Seat by Evan Moor (4-5)

Tall Tales by School Rules

Winter Writing by School Rules

Writing Fabulous Sentences and Paragraphs by Evan Moor

Writing Personal Narratives by School Rules

Writing Poetry for Elementary Poets by School Rules


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Just Graphin Fun by Engaging Lessons

Daily Math Practice by Evan Moor (Grade 5)

Games and Activities that Make Math Easy and Fun Series by Lynette Long – Fabulous Fractions, Delightful Decimals and Perfect Percents, Wacky Word Problems, Measurement Mania and Groovy Geometry

Cool Structures, Creative Activities that Make Math and Science Fun for Kids – Cool Structures and Cool Tessellations

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