Grade 5 Current Overdrive Resources



Human Body

My Scrapbook of the Human Body

The Everything Kids Human Body Book

Kid’s Science – The Amazing Human Body

The Human Body – 25 Fantastic Projects

The Human Body Unit

The Human Body – Science that Makes Sense

The Human Body Science Colouring Book

Fascinating Human Bodies


Simple Machines and Forces

Simple Machines

Explore Simple Machines

Lego Technic Idea Book for Simple Machines

Magnificent Simple Machines Unit

Step by Step Experiments with Simple Machines

Physical Science Grades 4-6


Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources

Ocean, Tidal and Wave Energy

Nuclear Energy

Protecting our Natural Resources

Geothermal Energy

Energy – 25 Projects Investigate why We Need Power and How we Get it


Social Studies



no titles available at this time



Confederation (at a higher grade grade level but may be valuable)



Canadian Government and Elections

Canadian Government

How Does the Canadian Government Work?


BC History

The Yukon Gold Rush

Jo’s Journey

Barkerville Gold


BC Resources

Canadian Trees and the Urban Forest



Full Steam ahead to Canada

Racing Home

Underground Railway for Kids

Underground To Canada and Underground to Canada Novel Study


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