Grade 5 Video Resources

Grade 5 Video Resources in PDF format (same list as below)



Human Body Systems

Healthy Digestive and Excretory Systems (Learn 360)

Digestion and Excretion Real World Science (Learn 360)

Our Wonderful Body: How it Uses Food (Learn 360)

Mechanics of Life: Digestion and Nutrition (Learn 360)

Human Body Systems: Respiratory (Learn 360)

Respiration (Learn 360)

Human Body Systems: Working Together (Learn 360)

Bones and Muscles (Learn 360)

Mechanics of Life: Muscles and Movements (Learn 360)

Human Body Systems: Muscular (Learn 360)

Human Body: Muscular System (Learn 360)

Our Wonderful Body: How We Keep Fit (Learn 360)

Circulatory System: The Plasma Pipeline (Learn 360)

The Magellan Adventures, The Circulatory System: The Beat Goes On—Realtime Science Connections (Learn 360)

Circulation (Learn 360)

Human Body Systems: Circulatory (Learn 360)

The Magic School Bus Works Out (Discovery Education)

Circulation of the Blood (Discovery Education)

The Magic School Bus Flexes its Muscles (Discovery Education)

Just the Facts: The Human Body: The Musculoskeletal System (Discovery Education)

Science is Elementary: What’s Inside Your Body? Muscles/Nervous System (Discovery Education)

Your Body (Discovery Education)

The Language of Science: Life Science 3-5: The Human Body (Discovery Education)

Body Systems (Discovery Education)

Life Science: Human Biology (Discovery Education)

The Digestive System (Learn 360)

Human Body Systems: Digestive (Learn 360)

Human Digestive System: Video Vocab (Learn 360)

The Circulatory System (Learn 360)

Mechanics of Life Blood and Circulation (Learn 360)

That’s Life: Science Matters (Learn 360)

Respiratory and Circulatory: Real World Science (Learn 360)

The Muscles (Learn 360)

Muscular System at Work: The Inner Athlete (Learn 360)

Moving Muscles and Bones (Learn 360)

Healthy Circulatory and Respiratory Systems (Learn 360)

The Respiratory System (Learn 360)


Natural Resources (Science and Social Studies combined)

 Earth’s Natural Resources (Learn 360)

Everyday Natural Resources (Learn 360)

Investigating Earth’s Natural Resources (Learn 360)

Rocks (Learn 360)

Sedimentary Rocks (Learn 360)

Rocks and Minerals (Learn 360)

Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks (Learn 360)

Soil (Learn 360)

Weathering and Soil (Learn 360)

Soil Pollution (Learn 360)

Soil and Rocks (Learn 360)

Food Plants (Learn 360)

What are Plants? (Learn 360)

Medicinal Plants (Learn 360)

Plants in our Lives (Learn 360)

Watercourses (Learn 360)

Water, Water Everywhere (Learn 360)

Water (Learn 360)

City Water (Learn 360)

Geologist’s Notebook: The Biggest Treasure Chest: Our Natural Resources (Discovery Education)

Learning About Natural Resources (Discovery Education)

Natural Resources (Discovery Education)

Real World Science: Rocks and Minerals (Discovery Education)

Geologist’s Notebook: Three Rocks (Discovery Education)

Earth’s Recycling System (Discovery Education)

TLC Elementary School: People and the Environment (Discovery Education)

TLC Elementary School: Earth’s Ecology (Discovery Education)

Water Supply in Canada (Discovery Education)

What is the Water Cycle? (Discovery Education)

Water Smart: Water as a Natural Resource (Discovery Education)

The Water Cycle (Discovery Education)

Environmental Problems and Solutions (Learn 360)

Our Precious Earth (Learn 360)

Impacts on Earth (Learn 360)

Earth and You (Learn 360)

Eco Footprints (Learn 360)

Keeping Earth Healthy (Learn 360)

The Geology of Earth (Discovery Education)

Geology (Discovery Education)

Earth Science: Conservation of Natural Resources (Discovery Education)

Earth Science for Students: The Rock Cycle (Discovery Education)

Taking Care of Our Earth (Discovery Education)

Real World Science: Trash and the Environment (Discovery Education)

Economics: The Production, Distribution, and Consumption of Goods and Services: Resources (Discovery Education)

Sustainability and Natural Resources (Learn 360)

Springwater From the Sea (Learn 360)

Logging (Learn 360)

Redwoods (Learn 360)

Forestry (Learn 360)

Deforestation (Learn 360)

Lumber (Learn 360)

Forest: Video Vocab (Learn 360)

Gold Mining (Learn 360)

Gold Mines (Learn 360)

Coal (Learn 360)

Mining Natural Gas (Learn 360)

Mining in Canada (Discovery Education)

How a Mine Works (Discovery Education)

Mining Towns (Discovery Education)

How Deep Sea Mining Works (Discovery Education)

Fishing (Learn 360)

Agriculture of Prince Edward Island (Discovery Education)

Natural Resources: Lumber Felling and Transport (Discovery Education)

Canada’s Breadbasket (Discovery Education)

Canada’s Economy (Discovery Education)

The Garbage Story: Dealing with Solid Waste Disposal (Discovery Education)

Keeping Your Community Clean (Discovery Education)

Carbon Capture Technology Improves Oil Extraction (Discovery Education)

Oil (Learn 360)

Oil Tankers (Learn 360)

The Alaskan Oil Pipeline (Learn 360)

Gasoline (Learn 360)


Simple Machines

Simple Machines (Learn 360)

Simple Machines: Real World Science (Learn 360)

Everyday Simple Machines (Learn 360)

Flying Machines (Learn 360)

Pulleys (Learn 360)

Levers (Learn 360)

Inclined Planes (Learn 360)

Helping Us Work (Learn 360)

TEAMS: Forces and Motion: Getting the Advantage: Simple Machines (Discovery Education)

A First Look: Simple Machines (Discovery Education)

Discovering Simple Machines: Compound Machines (Discovery Education)

Discovering Simple Machines: Inclined Plane, Wedge, Screw (Discovery Education)

TEAMS: Force and Motion: More About Machines (Discovery Education)

Discovering Simple Machines: Work and Energy (Discovery Education)

Science is Elementary: How Does That Work? Simple Machines (Discovery Education)

Real World Science: Simple Machines (Discovery Education)

Simple and Compound Machines (Discovery Education)

Simple Machines (Discovery Education)

Science Facts and Fun: Machines, Engines and Motors (Discovery Education)

Solutions (Chemistry)

Physical Science Series: Mixtures and Solutions (Discovery Education)

TEAMS Chemistry Part 1: Observing Matter and Changes (Discovery Education)

TEAMS Chemistry Part 2: Properties of Matter (Discovery Education)

Real World Science Matter: Solids, Liquids, and Gases (Discovery Education)

Changes in the Properties of Matter: Physical and Chemical (Discovery Education)

Properties of Matter Part 1 (Discovery Education)

Common Properties of Matter: Atoms, Elements, and States (Discovery Education)

Matter: Building Blocks of the Universe (Discovery Education)

Chemistry: Solutions Ionic and Molecular (Discovery Education)

 Chemistry: Making Modern Miracles: Show Me Science: Chemistry & Physics Series (Learn 360)

Atoms And Elements: Show Me Science: Chemistry & Physics Series (Learn 360)

Chemistry: Acids, Bases, and Salts (Learn 360)

States Of Matter: Solid, Liquid And Gas: Show Me Science: Chemistry & Physics Series (Learn 360)

Solutions at Work (Learn 360)

Solids, Liquids and Gases (Learn 360)

Particles and Matter (Learn 360)

What is Matter? (Learn 360)

Matter: Real World Science (Learn 360)

Social Studies:

First People’s Land Use – no videos available at this time



Canada: Its People, History and Government (Discovery Education)

Canada: Land of Diversity (Discovery Education)

Government in Canada (Discovery Education)

Understanding Canadian Government (Discovery Education)

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