Urbanization and Migration of People


Coping with Population Growth

Mapping with Google Earth 6-8 Classroom Complete Press

Race and Crime

Global Poverty and Inequality Issues


Angel Square (novel)

Caged Eagles (novel)

Culture, Society & Globalization

Dog Tracks (novel)

Fatty Legs (novel)

Hana’s Suitcase (novel)


Holocaust Unit Study

I Am a Star: Child of the Holocaust

Number the Stars (novel)

Stranger at Home (novel)

The Fall of Apartheid in South Africa

The Japanese Internment Camps

The Quest to End World Hunger

To Hope and Back (novel)

Underground Reporters

Violence Against Women

Women’s Rights

Roles of Individuals, Government Organizations and NGO’s Including Groups Representing Indigenous Peoples


Human Rights Activists

Nelson Mandela

Preserving Human Rights Around the World

How do they Help? The United Nations

How do the Help? World Health Organization

Malala Yousafzal: Educational Activist

I am Malala: How one Girl Stood up for Education and Changed the World

One Peace

Peacekeepers (novel)

Real Stories, Real Kids, Real Change: Courageous Actions Around the World

Rick Hansen

Severn and the Day She Silenced the World

Social Justice Activist

Ways to Help after a Natural Disaster

World Political Leaders

Different Systems of Government


Capitalism vs. Communism Classroom Complete Press

Socialism and Communism

So Much for Democracy

World Electoral Processes

World Governments

World Politics Big Book Classroom Complete Press

You Rule!  Create Your Own Country

Economic Policies and Resource Management Including Effects on Indigenous Peoples


Avoiding Hunger and Finding Water

Culture, Society & Globalization

Eyes Wide Open

Environmental Engineering and the Science of Sustainability

Environment Infographics

Land Use

Using STEM to Investigate Alternative EnergyFood ProductionManaging Waste

Globalization and Economic Interdependence


Canada and it’s Trading Partners

Culture, Society & Globalization

Fair Trade

Technology and Globalization Classroom Complete Press

What is Importing and Exporting?

What is Trade?

What is Scarcity of Resources?

International Co-operation and Responses to Global Issues


Counting on Grace (novel)

Culture, Society & Globalization

David Suzuki: Doing Battle With Climate Change

How Do They Help? Doctors Without Borders

Human Trafficking


Ways to Help after a Natural Disaster

Water Crisis

Regional and International Conflict


Children of War

Child Soldier: When Boys and Girls Are Used in War


Iraq War Classroom Complete Press

Peacekeepers (novel)

Persian Gulf War Classroom Complete Press

Soldier Doll (novel)

Sudan and Peoples in Conflict


Understanding Syria

Uprisings in the Middle East

Media Technologies and Coverage of Current Events