Grade 7 Ancient Egypt Digital Unit Study Kit

Gr. 7 Ancient EgyptThis kit is designed to be completed over a six-week period.  

This newly-formated kit includes a NEW! “Guided Exploration” section, and two overarching/major projects for students to complete.  The first of the two major projects is the Field Journal, which can be done throughout the books, videos, technology section, as the student is learning and engaging with the material. The second major project is the Inquiry Project.  This project may require a deeper level of thinking and engagement than your student may be used to, but once they’ve completed a few NEW! “Guided Explorations”, we trust they’ll get the hang of it!   Only one Inquiry Project TOTAL is required for Grade 7 Socials (not one for each Unit Study).

This Unit Study includes a wide variety of Overdrive Resources, videos to watch, and experiential technology-based learning opportunities. This guide is designed to meet Social Studies Learning Standards for Grade 7 but includes many cross-curricular project suggestions.

Download the Grade 7 Egyptian Civilization Digital Unit Study Kit

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