Grade 7 Ancient Rome Digital Unit Study Kit

Cover Ancient Rome

To complete the requirements of Grade 7 Socials, we recommend completing FOUR  Unit Study Kits:
  1. Early Humans/Mesopotamia
  2. Inca, Aztec, and Maya
  3. Your choice of two from the following kits;  Egypt, Greece, or Rome  
Important Notes:  
  1. Each kit is designed to be completed over a six-week period.  
  2. This newly-formatted kit includes a NEW! “Guided Exploration” section.  This REQUIRED section will serve as a primer for the Inquiry Project (described below).
  3. There are two overarching/major projects for students to complete during the year.
    • Field Journal – You will complete your field journal as you work through the Guided Exploration section of the kit. The information you need to write your journal entries will be gathered as you complete the tasks in the guided exploration section. 
    • Inquiry Project – requires a deeper level of thinking and engagement than your student may be used to, but once they’ve completed a few “Guided Explorations”, we trust they’ll get the hang of it! (We recommend TWO Inquiry Projects as a TOTAL for all Grade 7 Socials work, not one for each Unit Study)

You will need access to the HCS Overdrive E-Library, (if you do not have your client code & pin, please contact Shandra Wiebe at

Introduction to the New Grade 7 Socials Kits
Download the Grade 7 Ancient Rome Digital Unit Study Kit



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