The following resources are included in the physical kit and will need to be returned to HCOS:

  1. Renewable Energy by Centore, Michael
  2. Energy from Earth’s Core: Geothermal Energy by James Bos
  3. Energy from Wind: Wind Farming by Megan Kopp
  4. What is Electromagnetism? By Lionel Sandner
  5. Magnetism and Electromagnets by Eve Hartman
  6. Explore Electricity by Carmella Van Vleet
  7. Electricity and Magnetism Experiments by Robert Gardner
  8. Components Kit: 2 D batteries, 2 holders, 3 alligator clip wires, 2 clothespins, iron filings, 4 light bulbs and bases, 2 LED lights, 1 pack pencil lead, 1 Magnetic compass, 2 Bar Magnets, 2 ring or square magnets, 1 nail, 2 Pennies, 1 needle or pin, wire.
  9. Seventh Grade Energy and Electromagnetism Physical Unit Study Guide


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