Grade 7 Fossil Record and Climate Change Physical Unit Study Kit

The following resources are included in the physical kit and will need to be returned to HCOS:

  1. Fossils: Uncovering the Past by Tom Greve (Old Earth Perspective)
  2. The Fossil Book by Dr. Gary Parker (Young Earth Perspective)
  3. What are Fossils? by Natalie Hyde
  4. Fossil by Paul D. Taylor
  5. Climate Change by Trevor Smith
  6. Deep Alberta:  Fossil Facts and Dinosaur Digs by John Acorn
  7. Eyewitness Fossil by DK Discovery Book
  8. Fossils kit (6 Fossils)
  9. Fossil Record and Climate Change Unit Study Parent Guide


All unit study guides are checked to ensure links are working.  You will need to access the parent guide online as it has clickable links. Here is a planning sheet for you to use: Unit planner.  

To borrow this kit from the HCOS L4U Library, please select “Advanced” from the top menu bar, and then search by Author, Rachael Freed.find kits snippet

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