Grade 7 Reading List for BC’s New Curriculum


**Note: These books are suggestions based on the topics and time frames in the Big Ideas (below) of the BC Education Plan. These do not meet all of the standards below but can be used as part of your student’s learning plan.**  Please log into Overdrive to access all links to digital books.

Please use this suggested list with parental discretion.

Fiction and Non-Fiction:  (Social Studies Ancient World to the 7th century to be used in a Humanities approach)

A Hero’s Quest.   Gladiator Boy series: by James De La Rue.

Ben Hur:  by Lew Wallace

Cursed by the Sea God:  Odyssey of a Slave Series by Patrick Bowman

Escape from Pompeii (graphic novel) by Terry Collins

Famous Men of Greece:  by John Haaren

Famous Men of Ancient Rome by John H Haaren

Heroes Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths: by Bernard Evslin

If I were a Kid in Ancient China: by Lou Waryncia

Marco Polo for Kids: by Janis Herbert

Medusa by Rob. M Worley

Middle Ages: by Walter Hazen

Ming Dynasty China: by Bonnie Hinman

Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods

The Cat of Bubastes: G.A. Henty

The Golden Goblet – Audiobook, Novel

The Bronze Bow:  by Elizabeth George Speare

The Lightning Thief Graphic Novel:  Book 1 Percy jackson and the Olympians Novel Series by Rick Riordan

The Trojan Horse:  How the Greeks Won the War:  Emily Little

Tools of the Ancient Greeks: by Kris Bordessa

Torn From Troy:  Odyssey of a Slave series Book 1 by Patrick Bowman

The Odyssey by Homer (Classic Starts)

Who Was Alexander the Great?  Series Who Was?   Kathryn Waterfield


Burn (Chemistry) by Darcy Pattison

Eyes Wide Open : Going Behind Environmental Headlines.  By Paul Fleischman

God Said it and Bang!  It Happened by Bruce Bickel

Newton:  A Tale of Two Isaacs by Don McBrearty

My Scrapbook of the Human Body by Professor Genius

Peace Dancer by Roy Vickers

Who Was Isaac Newton?  Who Was series.  Janet Pascal

Who Was King Tut?  Who Was series.  Roberta Edwards

Who Was Julius Caesar?  Who Was series.  Nico Medina







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