Grade 7 Current Overdrive Resources



How Ecosystems Work

Inside Ecosystems and Biomes


Simple Chemistry Unit

Amazing Kitchen Chemistry

Kids Science – Chemistry Experiments

Science Tutor- Chemistry

Kitchen Chemistry

Earth’s Crust

Minerals Rocks and Fossils

Examining Erosion

Investigating Landforms

Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Minerals Rocks, Earthquakes and Volcanoes Unit


Social Studies

Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Egypt Unit Study

Ancient Greece Unit Study

Ancient Rome Unit Study

Famous Men of Greece

Famous Men of Ancient Rome

World Civilizations and Cultures

100 Facts Ancient Egypt

Great Ancient Egypt Projects

Explore Ancient Egypt

Famous Men of Ancient Greece

The Ancient Egyptians and their Neighbors

Ancient Greece

Tools of the Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greece Unit Study

Alexander the Great

Ancient Rome

The Bronze Bow

The Cat of Bubastes (Ancient Egypt)

Classical Kids

If I were a Kid in Ancient China

Discover Ancient China

Great Ancient China Projects

Shang Dinasty of Ancient China

The Art of the Catapult

The Eagle


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