Crusades mini kit cover

The Gr. 8 Middle Ages Kit Extension:  The Crusades Digital Mini-Unit Study Kit Guide is designed to be a counterpart to the HCOS Renaissance Unit Study Kit.

We highly recommend completing the Renaissance kit prior to starting work on this unit.  This unit is specifically designed to be a shorter, more intensely focused study centered around a highly specific content area.

Students will have the opportunity to read books and articles, watch videos, ask and answer questions, conduct research, and develop a solid understanding of these important events in the history of the church.

Some of the primary resources in this unit will be books to read from the HCS Overdrive E-Library, (if you do not have your client code & pin, please contact Shandra Wiebe at, videos to watch, and activities to enhance your learning. As in previous units, each set of activities will have icons showing which goals of the BCEd Plan the activity addresses.

To cover content and curricular competencies for Gr. 8 Socials, students are required to complete the Middle Ages kit AND the Renaissance kit, and EITHER the Reformation Mini Kit or the Crusades Mini Kit.

Please note, we have removed the introductory section of these newly formatted kits, to make it easier for you to find the content of the kit.  If you are not yet familiar with this important information, please refer to this document:  Intro to HCOS Socials Unit Study Kits

Download Middle Ages Kit Extension:  The Crusades Digital Mini-Unit Study Kit Guide