Grade 9 Current Overdrive Resources


Cell Division and Reproduction

Cells – The Building Blocks of Life Unit

Super Cool Science Experiments Cells

A Closer Look at Biology, Microbiology and the Cell

Cell and Microbe Science Fair Projects

Cell Biology

What is Cell Theory

The Abortion Debate

Should Scientists Pursue Cloning?


Atoms, Elements and Compounds

Atoms and Molecules

Investigating the Chemistry of Atoms

Elements and Compounds

Mixtures and Solutions

Elements and the Periodic Table

Sorting the Elements

Elements and the Periodic Table


Space Exploration

Space Frontiers

Amazing Solar System Projects

Exploring the Solar System

The Coolest Job in the Universe – Working Aboard the International Space Station

The Future of Space Exploration



Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity and Magnetism


Electricity and Magnetism Experiments

Science Action Labs: Electricity and Magnetism

Social Studies


Children of the New Forest and Audio

The French Revolution

Tale of Two Cities, Audio Version and Guide

The American Revolution for Kids

The American Revolution

The American Revolution Unit Study

Colonies and Revolution

Johnny Tremain

The Industrial Revolution for Kids (with 21 Activities)

The Industrial Revolution: 25 Projects

The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution

Child Labour


Canada to 1815

Battle Cries in the Wilderness (The Seven Years War)

New France

The Buckskin Pimpernel – Loyalist Spy

The Loyalists

Escape – Adventures of a Loyalist Family

Beginning Again – Further Adventures of a Loyalist Family

Caring for a Colony


Explore with Jacques Cartier

Explore with Henry Hudson

Explore with Leif Eriksson

Explore with Samuel de Champlain

Bold, Brave and Born to Lead

To Stand and Fight Together

Broken Trail

The War of 1812 Unit Study

The Bully Boys

Captain Fitz – Fitzgibbon, Green Tiger of the War of 1812

Band of Acadians

Calico Captive

The Broken Blade



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