Grade 9 Unit Study Kits

Unit Study Kits for BC’s New Curriculum


Gr. 9 Revolution Digital Unit Study

       Gr. 9 Immigration Digital Unit Study


Unit Study Kits for 2016/2017 New Outcomes



Digital Citizenship and Bullying Physical Kit 7-9



 Important Notice:

The Unit Study Kits for Science and Socials for Grade 9 are expected in 2018.  In the meantime, we have developed Curriculum Correlations Guides and Kits to help address some of your needs in Grade 9 Social Studies and Science.


Curriculum Correlation Guides for BC’s New Competencies

The purpose of the Curriculum Correlations Guide is to outline how a specific curriculum aligns with BC’s standards, showing you which sections of the material to complete.

It has been designed to help you prioritize your time and effort, assisting you in addressing the relevant content and core competencies.

We recommend that you complete these packages in consultation with your teacher so that your student’s learning style and needs can be addressed.

Gr. 9 Curriculum Correlations Guides and Packages 



Unit Study Kits for Old Outcomes


American Revolution and Loyalists Digital Unit Study Kit

Canadian History Overview Digital Unit Study Kit

Industrial Revolution Digital Unit Study Kit

The French Revolution and Bonaparte Digital Unit Study Kit

The British Civil War and The Glorious Revolution Digital Unit Study Kit

Digital Citizenship and Bullying Digital Kit 7-9

Digital Citizenship and Bullying Physical Kit 7-9




  1. Verena Hepting says:

    we would like to book a study guide but don’t have a password , pin etc. for L4U


  2. Verena please contact Shandra Wiebe for your passwords.


  3. Do you have a timeline for when you expect to have grade 9 Science and Social Studies kits done for the New Curriculum?


    • Hi Niki
      The grade 9 socials kit is complete. We were just waiting on SE to look at it but no one has got back to me in a week so I think its fair to say we should just post it. It should be up by tomorrow on the kit website. The next one should be out in a week or two. Cheers Pippa


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