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Gr. 6 – 9 Bible eBooks

We have a wide variety of books, curriculum and DVDs that cover bible topics.

Curriculum Examples

  • The Case for Christ series
  • Almost Christian
  • Demolishing Strongholds DVD pack
  • Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed DVD
  • How should we then live?
  • LightBearers curriculum
  • True U: Does God exist? Pack
  • The Broken Way, Ann Voskamp
  • Publishers: Zondervan, Answers in Genesis, Tyndale House, Apologia, Summit Ministries

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  • Bible
  • Apologetics

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HCOS Gr. 8 Bible Online Course


Log in to RightNow Media.  There are videos specifically geared to guys or girls, resources on sex and dating, Youth Bible Studies, studies on living out your faith, answers to the big questions, studies about Christianity and the culture, videos about bullying and fitting in, real-life youth stories, and many helps for youth workers.

Introduction to Bible program 7-9 by Bruce Hildebrandt is correlated to videos in RightNowMedia.

RightNow Media is like the ‘Netflix’ of Christian Bible studies and has something for every age!  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.