8th Grade Social Studies Unit Study Kits

Our Unit Study Kits are for HCOS students only and are now password protected.  See this page for how to access the password.

In seventh grade, learners began exploring the ancient world. In eighth grade, we move forward into the fascinating world of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance! Our eighth-grade social studies kits cover these exciting time periods in great depth. Opportunities for student-directed projects, inquiry-based learning, research, technology use, and exploration of a variety of media is integrated throughout each kit.

Kits included at the eighth-grade level are Quest for the Renaissance (full-length), Quest for the Middle Ages (full-length), and The Crusades and the Reformation and Counter-Reformation (both mini-length). Students will complete both Quest for the Renaissance and Quest for the Middle Ages, they will then select either The Crusades OR Reformation and Counter-Reformation to complete in connection.

The formatting of Quest for the Renaissance and Quest for the Middle Ages is unique and based around an overarching project, namely, the creation of websites on which students will present their learning throughout the unit. This offers learners the opportunity to become fluent with technology while engaging them in unique self-designed research projects and activities! In each kit, students will work through sections on Government, Trade, Conflict and Connections, Religion, Philosophy and Culture, Science and Technology, Art, Music, Theatre and Writing, and they will also complete a Novel Study.

Our two mini-kits, The Crusades and Reformation and Counter-Reformation, are designed to be completed over a shorter time frame. In the kit learners select they will spend time reading, viewing, researching, and then completing a project.

We have worked diligently to choose an array of exciting learning opportunities for every learner! The materials, projects, and activities contained in the kit have been carefully selected to address the big ideas, competencies, and content of BC’s Modernized Curriculum.