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Ninth grade social studies is a unique year for learners. It is designed to leave them well-prepared for the challenges of tenth-grade social studies! Learners work through six social studies modules, in whichever order they choose. Throughout the units, students will have the opportunity to watch videos, read books, explore interactive exhibits, and design their own project.

Students will be able to create their own self-directed research project using pre-developed questions, or by creating their own question to explore. Students will then be able to present their learning in the style that appeals to them! Each kit is designed to integrate the Modernized BC Curriculum Core Competencies: Communication, Creative and Critical Thinking, and Personal and Social Skills/Knowledge.

Grade Nine – Social Studies: Unit Study Kit
Gr. 9 Social Studies eBooks

We have a wide variety of books, curriculum and DVDs that cover this topic.

Curriculum Examples

  • Unit studies
  • Correlation Guides
  • Immigration 1800’s-1900’s
  • French Revolution
  • American Revolution
  • Russian Revolution
  • World War 1
  • World Empires, World Missions, World Wars
  • What in the World is Going on Here? by Diana Waring Volume 2,  4 CD set
  • Digging Deeper Volume 2 by Diana Waring CD
  • Canada, A People’s History Videos

Search Term

Use the following keywords to search for resources:

  • Immigration
  • Revolution
  • World War
  • Middle ages
  • Reformation
  • Crusades
  • Renaissance

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HCOS Gr. 9 Social Studies Online Course


Log in to  BrainPOP to find the videos available under social studies topics.


Go to the BrainPOP Educators site (no login required) which has the option to choose BC curriculum standards.

For Social Studies there are a number of BrainPOP videos available at the Gr. 9 level.

In BrainPOP you will find short animated movies, to creatively engage students in learning.  (Gr. K-12)  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to Curio.ca and search among the many social studies-related topics.  This subscription is a very strong resource for Canadian history using “Canada: A People’s History” and “Canada: the Story of Us”.

  • Canada: A People’s History”  The complete landmark documentary series follows events from prehistory to 1990. Charting the country’s past, this series chronicles the rise and fall of empires, the clash of great armies and epoch-making rebellions. The vibrant story is one of courage, daring and folly, told through the personal testimonies of the everyday men and women who lived it — trappers and traders, pirates and prospectors, soldiers and settlers, saints and shopkeepers. Teacher Resource Packages are available to help you maximize classroom presentation of the series — Grades 5-9 or Grades 10-12. These guides are supported by additional background material and downloadable blackline masters which can be found here.Two new episodes were added in 2017, offering educators and students an unprecedented visual resource to support Canadian history, geography, civics, politics and issues courses. The rich video resource is supported by two Teacher Resource Packages.
  • Canada: the Story of Us” is an epic adventure history series that tells the story of our country. Over 10 hours, the drama-documentary tells the extraordinary tale of the people, places and events that shaped Canada — stories of change makers and rule breakers, dreamers and visionaries, scientists and entrepreneurs who forged a nation in a vast and harsh land. Each episode combines dramatic re-creations, 3D animations and interviews with prominent Canadians to take viewers inside the stories that shaped Canada into the country it is today.  Includes a downloadable Teacher Guide.

Curio.ca offers the audio and video content from CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and Radio-Canada for unique Canadian content.  (K-12, but mostly high school content)  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to Discovery Education Streaming (Canada) and search for social studies topics.  Topics available would include such things as:  Civics, Canadian Studies, United States History, Geography, Ancient Civilizations and World History.

Discovery Education Streaming Plus offers students award-winning digital or multimedia content.  (K-12 content)  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to Explora Secondary.

EBSCOhost’s Explora is a site to encourage student research with extensive, reliable content and ease of use.  (K-12 content)  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to EverFi to find the courses: Ignition (using technology safely – Gr. 6-9) Demo videoVenture – Entrepreneurial Expedition (Gr. 7-10) Demo video; Character Playbook (developing social and emotional skills – Gr. 7-9), AlcoholEdu for High School (analyze the influences around and effects of alcohol use on the brain and body – Gr. 9-12), and Prescription Drug Safety (Gr. 9-12).

EverFI produces digital courses, such as: financial literacy, STEM, diversity and inclusion, student loan management, digital citizenship, civic awareness, entrepreneurial thinking, alcohol and substance abuse, and sexual assault prevention.  (Gr. 4-12)  Look for a full description (and a list of all courses available) under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

GALE CENGAGE Learning and GALE Databases:  Log in to your parent home page in Encom, or through the Search Portal at the Search Portal landing page to find the links, usernames and passwords for the various GALE sites:  “Canada in Context”, “Global Issues in Context”, “Gale Virtual Reference Library”, “Science in Context” and “Global Reference on the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources”.

GALE CENGAGE Learning is a world leader in eResearch and educational publishing.  (Gr. 9-12)  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to KnowBC and search by going to an encyclopedia or book title.

KnowBC is the leading general reference site for British Columbia, including the Encyclopedia of British Columbia and other reference works.  (Gr. K-12)  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to Learn360 and then search for Social Studies topics, such as Geography, Government, Social Studies or World Cultures.

Learn360 is a media-on-demand service or digital video library for Gr. K-12, with digital, audio and other support materials.  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to SAS® Curriculum Pathways  to look for Social Studies resources for Gr. 9-12.

SAS Curriculum Pathways® provides interactive, standards-based tools, resources, and apps for grades K-12.  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to “What in the World?” (Level 2 – Gr. 8-10) at LesPlan – Subscribers for current affairs.

What in the World? is a current events newsmagazine for students in grades 5-7 (Level 1) and 8-10 (level 2).  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to World Book and choose World Book Advanced (Gr. 8-12).  World Book offers two very good Social Studies sites on their home page:  World Book Timelines (Gr. 5 to 12) and World Book Advanced (Gr. 8-12).

World Book is our online encyclopedia with research sites for all ages from K to 12.  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.