9th Grade Social Studies Unit Study Kits

Our Unit Study Kits are for HCOS students only and are now password protected.  See this page for how to access the password.

Ninth grade social studies is a unique year for learners. It is designed to leave them well-prepared for the challenges of tenth-grade social studies! Learners work through six social studies modules, in whichever order they choose. Throughout the units, students will have the opportunity to watch videos, read books, explore interactive exhibits, and design their own project.

Students will be able to create their own self-directed research project using pre-developed questions, or by creating their own question to explore. Students will then be able to present their learning in the style that appeals to them! Each kit is designed to integrate the Modernized BC Curriculum Core Competencies: Communication, Creative and Critical Thinking, and Personal and Social Skills/Knowledge.

Content areas explored in ninth grade are Physiographic Features of Canada and Geologic Processes, Colonialism, Imperialism, and Discriminations, Industrial Revolution, World War, Revolution, and Immigration. It is necessary to complete all six unit study modules.

We have worked diligently to choose an array of exciting learning opportunities for every learner! The materials, projects, and activities contained in the kit have been carefully selected to address the big ideas, competencies, and content of BC’s Modernized Curriculum.