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Seventh-grade science offers a unique and challenging learning experience for students! Topics explored allow students to grapple not only with engaging scientific concepts and experiments but also with worldview issues! Students are increasingly challenged to complete independent research projects, design their own experiments, and share and present their learning to others. Each kit is designed to integrate the Modernized BC Curriculum Core Competencies: Communication, Creative and Critical Thinking, and Personal and Social Skills/Knowledge.

Topics explored in our seventh-grade science kits include Energy and Electromagnetism, Fossil Record and Climate Change, Matter and Elements, and Creation and Evolution. Each kit also integrates concepts in numeracy, literacy, art, technology, and design thinking!

Grade Seven – Science: Unit Study Kit
Gr. 7 Science eBooks
Inquiry-Based Picture eBooks
MakerEd and Design Thinking eBooks

We have a wide variety of books, curriculum and DVDs that cover this topic.

Curriculum Examples

  • Unit Studies
  • Invisible Universe Teacher’s Guide Gr. 6 – 8: Electromagnetic Spectrum from radio waves to gamma rays
  • Supplemental packs including Digital microscopes
  • Discovering Density Teacher’s Guide Gr. 6 – 8
  • Environmental Detectives Teacher’s Guide Gr. 5 – 8
  • Chemical Reactions Teacher’s Guide Gr. 6 – 8
  • Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics
  • Chemical Changes

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  • Matter
  • Energy
  • Electromagnetism
  • Fossils
  • Chemistry

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HCOS Gr. 7 Science Online Course


Log in to BrainPOP to find the science videos available.


Go to the BrainPOP Educators site (no login required) which has the option to choose BC curriculum standards.

In BrainPOP you will find short animated movies, to creatively engage students in learning.  (Gr. K-12)  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to Curio.ca and search among the many science-related topics, such as:  When Climate Change Hits Home; the series: Engineering ConnectionsChris Hadfield on Singing in Space The Mighty River; the series:  Project XBuild Green (for ages 9-12 and 13-14); Arctic Refuge: The Struggle ContinuesDown to EarthEarth EnergyCyber-Bullying; the series:  None of the AboveRoberta Bondar: Stellar InspirationCanadian Teen Discovers Method to Turn Waste Water into Electricity; ; the series:  National Geographic Documentaries (not all episodes are for the 9-12 age range); the series:  Lion Ranger; the series:  Science Smart (mostly for age 9-12); and many more.

Curio.ca offers the audio and video content from CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and Radio-Canada for unique Canadian content.  (K-12, but mostly high school content)  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to Discovery Education Canada and search for science topics.  There will be topics such as:  Earth/Space Science, History and Nature of Science, Inquiry, Life Science, Physical Science, Science and Technology and Science in Personal and Social Perspectives.

Discovery Education Streaming Plus offers students award-winning digital or multimedia content.  (K-12 content)  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to Explora Primary.

EBSCOhost’s Explora is a site to encourage student research with extensive, reliable content and ease of use.  (K-12 content)  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to EVERFI to find the following free courses:   Ignition (using technology safely – Gr. 6-9) Demo videoFuture Goals – Hockey Scholar (using hockey gameplay to teach STEM concepts – Gr. 4-7)  Demo video; Healthier Me: Wellness Fundamentals for Middle School (Gr. 7-9 positive character development, social-emotional learning (SEL), and building healthy relationships, Demo video, and Character Playbook (developing social and emotional skills – Gr. 7-9).

EverFI produces digital courses, such as: financial literacy, STEM, diversity and inclusion, student loan management, digital citizenship, civic awareness, entrepreneurial thinking, alcohol and substance abuse, and sexual assault prevention.  (Gr. 4-12)  Look for a full description (and a list of all courses available) under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to Gizmos, our inquiry-based math and science subscription, aligned to BC’s modernized curriculum.

Gizmos are interactive online simulations for math and science, which allow students to strategize, test and learn.  (Gr. 3-9)  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to Learn360 and then search for Science topics such as Biology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Family & Consumer Sciences, or Physical Science.

Learn360 is a media-on-demand service or digital video library for Gr. K-12, with digital, audio and other support materials.  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to RightNow Media for such videos as EvolutionIncredible Creatures That Defy Evolution, search “Creation Proclaims” to find “Silent Hunters“, “Fight and Spike“, “Climbers and Creepers” and “The Amazon and BeyondAwesome Science Media, Impact of Humans on Climate:  Pollution Solution (2nd video at this link).

RightNow Media is like the ‘Netflix’ of Christian Bible studies and has something for every age!  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to SAS® Curriculum Pathways, then search for “Science” and Gr. 6-8.

SAS® Curriculum Pathways provides interactive tools, resources, and apps for grades K-12.  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to Tynker, where you can learn coding and programming using JavaScript and Python, or how to program drones, how to program the Lego WeDo 2.0 Smart Hub and sensors using Tynker code blocks, etc.  Their newest course is Augmented Reality, which is also available to HCOS students.

Tynker’s interactive courses enable children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way.  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.

Log in to World Book and select World Book Student (Gr. 5-8), World Book Advanced (Gr. 8-12) or World Book Science Power.  Science Power has lessons, labs, critical thinking activities, and curriculum correlations that connect to the actual science lessons.  It also has Pre-Assessments, Post-Assessments and Lesson Reviews.

World Book is our online encyclopedia with research sites for all ages from K to 12.  Look for a full description under “Subscriptions” in the main menu above.