7th Grade Social Studies Unit Study Kits

Our Unit Study Kits are for HCOS students only and are now password protected.  See this page for how to access the password.

Seventh-grade social studies offers an incredible opportunity to dive into the ancient past and become immersed in the world of some of the earth’s earliest civilizations! Students will become explorers of history as they examine unique cultural elements and develop extensive knowledge of the components that make up a civilization. Opportunities for student-directed projects, inquiry-based learning, research, technology use, and exploration of a variety of media is integrated throughout each kit.

Topics explored in our seventh-grade social studies kits include the Inca, Aztec, and Maya, the Origin of Humans and Early Humans, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Egypt. Each kit also integrates concepts in literacy, art, technology, and design thinking! Kits can be completed in any order based on student interest and availability of materials.

Seventh-grade social studies kits follow a unique format. Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Egypt are full-length kits–students will select two to complete. Learners will work through the following sections: Geography, Climate, and Natural Resources, Government, Trade, Conflict, and Connections, Religion, Practices, Folklore and Philosophy, Language and Writing, Science and Technology, and Art and Music. Learners will have the opportunity to create, research, and answer essential questions as they work through each section and create a dynamic and engaging field journal of their travels through the past! Learners will also have the opportunity to conduct their own inquiry-based learning project for one of the units.

The remaining two units, Inca, Aztec and Maya, and The Origin of Humans and Early Humans follow a mini-kit format. Mini-kits are designed to be completed over a 2-4 week period of time. In Inca, Aztec and Maya, learners will begin by discovering, in brief, information about all three of these fascinating civilizations. They will then select one to engage with in-depth. In The Origin of Humans and Early Humans, seventh-grade learners will explore the different perspectives on the origin of humans and early humans, they will complete one activity from an evolutionary perspective and another from a creationist perspective, before synthesizing and examining their own worldview.

We have worked diligently to choose an array of exciting learning opportunities for every learner! The materials, projects, and activities contained in the kit have been carefully selected to address the big ideas, competencies, and content of BC’s Modernized Curriculum.