I always find it hard, when I finish a good book or a good series, to say “I’m done”. It’s like saying goodbye to old friends, which is always a little sad. But, there are new friends to meet…especially in the library where we are adding new books regularly! Here are a few highlights for this week:

Grades 3-5 Reading Level

Enid Blyton is an old favorite!val
The Adventure Series
Jack, Philip, Dinah and Lucy-Ann, together with Jack’s intelligent and talkative parrot Kiki, have the most extraordinary adventures not only in England, Scotland and Wales but also abroad — Austria, Greece, the Middle East and even Tauri-Hessia!
Whether dealing with forgers, gun-runners, Nazis, traitors, mad scientists or thieves, they frequently find themselves in desperate situations. Their adventures are a step up from those of the Famous Five in that they involve aeroplanes, motor-boats, a cruise-ship, seaplanes and helicopters.

FaithGirlz! By Nancy Rue
A popular series for girls, written with a Christian worldview.fai
Meet Sophie LaCroix, a creative soul with a desire to become a great film director someday, and she definitely has a flair for drama! Her overactive imagination frequently lands her in trouble, but her faith and friends always save the day.

Grades 6-12 Reading Level

Lorien Legacies Series – Also Known as “I am Number Four Series” four
Spin off series: Lorien Legacies: The Lost Files
The series follow the story of nine human-looking aliens brought to Earth when they were six years old. Their purpose is to grow into their powers and return to their planet, Lorien, and get it back from the evil Mogadorians. The teenagers have been protected by a charm, which only allows them to be killed in a set order and by non-gifted guardians called Cêpan.

Anomaly #1 in the series by Krista McGee
A Christian Dystopian novel.ano
Thalli has fifteen minutes and twenty-three seconds left to live. The toxic gas that will complete her annihilation is invading her bloodstream. But she is not afraid.

Thalli is different than others in The State. She feels things. She asks questions. And in the State, this is not tolerated. The Ten scientists who survived the nuclear war that destroyed the world above believe that emotion was at the core of what went wrong—and they have genetically removed it from the citizens they have since created.
Seen as a threat to the harmony of her Pod, Thalli is taken to the Scientists for immediate annihilation. But before that can happen, Berk—her former Pod mate who is being groomed as a Scientist—steps in and persuades the Scientists to keep Thalli alive as a test subject.

The more time she spends in the Scientist’s Pod, the clearer it becomes that things are not as simple as she was programmed to believe. She hears stories of a Designer—stories that fill her mind with more questions: Who can she trust? What is this emotion called love? And what if she isn’t just an anomaly, but part of a greater design? (Goodreads)

The Mirror on N’De by L.K. Malonemir
In the mythical city of N’de lives thirteen-year-old Hadlay and her people, the Ramash. Scorned and abused by the unloving and absent Emperor, the Ramash are poor people, placed second to the ruling class of the Oresed. Young but bold, Hadlay rages against the injustice in her city. When she is chosen for the honor of serving the Prince in the Tower, she hopes to find a way to right the wrong… but soon discovers that things are worse than she believed. While Hadlay works to better her people’s condition, she struggles to abide with the abusive Oresed and understand the meaning of her dreams in which a fantastical white horse appears to her and speaks in riddles. When Hadlay stumbles into one of the Tower’s secret rooms, she discovers a hidden mirror that doesn’t just show her reflection, but reveals much more: the horse’s name is Sirach and he has a plan to save the children of N’de.
Crafting powerful narrative and creative characters, author L. K. Malone spins a compelling tale that combines exciting entertainment and the Christian story. In “The Mirror of N’de,” readers will empathize with the desires of an oppressed people, will anger at the affliction of a cruel adversary, and ultimately rejoice with the revelation of a Savior. (Goodreads)

A Murder for Her Majesty by Beth Hilgartner
Horrified at having witnessed her father’s murder and fearing that the killers are agents of Queen Elizabeth I, eleven-year-old Alice Tuckfield hides in the Yorkshire cathedral by disguising herself as one of the choirboys.mur
Fast paced action and enjoyable characters!

All books are available in the Learning Commons. Please book through the L4U system.