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We wanted to highlight for you a few features of our new Learning Commons website!

We have lots for you to explore and information ready with a click of a finger!

First you will find the Home tab at the top left of the page. This home screen will take you to our blog,  with ongoing posts of interest. On the home screen you will also find quick links to our current events, areas of interest, twitter feeds, indexes of posts etc. Please take advantage of setting up following the blog portion of the website via email.

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On the top headings, the next title is  About Us. This will link you to our Learning Commons team, Lib Answers so that you can contact us with questions, Blogs and Twitter Feeds of our Learning Commons team, as well as many of our staff.

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Next is the Reference Centre that includes links to Atlases, Bibliographic Instruction, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries, Internet Safety, other Canadian Libraries and Search Engines including great safe searches for children.

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Following that is a direct link to the Library. This includes contact information and a wide variety of information about how to use our physical library. There is also a direct link to the library catalogue.

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After information on the physical library is our HCS Weblinking Library. These links are very well tagged and have been screened by our HCS staff. You can search by grade, by keyword etc… which makes this an amazing resource to find that perfect website you are looking for!

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The next link is to our Subscriptions with a description of all of the subscriptions that HCS has to offer our families. They are all divided up into subject area. You will need to get logins to these subscriptions from your support teacher.

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Finally on the upper tabs is a tab for our Ebook Library. There is information here on how to access and use our ebook library including setting up accounts, device information and much more.

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First in the bottom tool bar is the Experiential Building Centre with a great opportunity for collaboration in the future! Right now we have included our Flat Stanley Wiki, a link to our Teen Geek Squad, Pippa’s Techie Site of the Week, links to our Scoop it sites and more! We will continue to add to this as we continue to collaborate together!!

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Our Literacy Centre is the next drop down menu. This will offer you links to our book clubs, reading lists and an opportunity for you to suggest new items to our Learning Commons Team!

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Next is our Homeschool Resources page. This page has our Resource Kit Guides, Curriculum resources, Curriculum packages, links to Scoop It! pages and our Homeschool Weblinking Library.

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The final menu is for Networking and Collaboration including links to our Ning and Learning Commons Newsletter. This is where you will find opportunities to share with us your educational journey.

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We are very excited about this way that we can serve you. We encourage you to take a look around! We would love to hear from you! What would you like to see included on our Learning Commons site? Feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with one of our team. Blessings!

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