Have You Seen These?

Our Learning Commons has so many great new resources that you won’t want to miss.

There are some great new book titles for parents with SE students.  These include workbook formatted for student downloads if copyright allows.

Your first question will be, “How do I find these amazing SE books?”

First you will log in to OverDrive where we find the eBooks in our Learning Commons.


Next, you will choose “Collections” from the menu in OverDrive.

Then you will scroll down to find…  well, first you’ll be surprised at how many collections there are.  Then you’ll start looking at them and you might even forget what you started out to look for.  However, eventually you’ll remember that you were looking for Special Education resources and there they are, near the bottom of the list.

You probably also didn’t know about the number of new audiobooks that have been added to our OverDrive system.

How did I find these great books?  I started by logging in to OverDrive, the same as I did for the SE resources.

I found 273 audiobooks, just by going into ‘Advanced Search’ and scrolling down to choose ‘All Audiobooks’ under the “All Formats” heading.

I’d also like to draw your attention to some recent Learning Commons presentations that you would find helpful.  Just click on one of the images below, and don’t forget to check whether or not there are notes below each slide.