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Parents, teachers, and students each use their unique Encom username and password to access the Search Portal.  This information was sent to you from the HCOS office when you first joined HCOS.

As a parent booking physical books and curriculum for a student, be sure to log in to the Search Portal under your PARENT account. Students cannot book physical items, but they can access the OverDrive Virtual Library, weblinks, and subscriptions through the Search Portal.

If you know your Encom login information you can use the same credentials to access the search portal here, right away. If you are unsure of your login information please email tickets@onlineschool.ca and one of our support team members will help you reset the account.

Important Note: if you ever change your password in Encom, it will also change for the Learning Commons Search Portal, so please keep track of your login information.

We have made it possible for students to log in using their Encom account. If your student is taking an online course, then you have probably already set up their account, and they can log in right now. To do so, skip to step #3 below. If not, please use the steps below to create a password for them to use before logging in.

1. Sign in to Encom

Sign in to your Encom account at https://encom.onlineschool.ca/.

Encom sign in page

2. Click on Student’s Account

Click on Student’s Account (see the icon in the screenshot) in the Quick Links section on your parent homepage to set your child’s password and click save.

Student's Account icon in Encom

3. Go to the Learning Commons Search Portal

Once you are ready to log in to the Learning Commons Search Portal, please go to https://hcs.insigniails.com/LibrarySAML/Home and click Login. You should see a login screen similar to the screenshot. You can also access the search portal via our Learning Commons website.

Learning Commons Login Page

4. Sign in to the Learning Commons Search Portal

Type your regular Encom Username and Password into the fields and press Login. After a few seconds, you should see something similar to this screenshot. If all goes well you now have access to the new Learning Commons search portal. If you have are logged in, your name should show up under the Login icon.

Learning Commons Search Portal

Important Note: if you ever change your password in Encom it will also change for the Learning Commons Search Portal, so please keep track of your login information.

  • The Learning Commons offers 14 FREE shipments (7 round trips sent and returned) per family per school year (August 1 – July 31st) for Enrolled users. That is one shipment every 7 weeks. Once the limit is reached, the enrolled family is responsible for paying 50% of the shipping cost which can be paid be from student funding. 
  • The loan period is seven weeks which does NOT include shipping time. You have the FULL seven weeks to use the material.
  • Unit Study Kits: there is a limit of 3 per family out at one time, and only one kit per subject and grade. e.g. One grade 5 science kit and one grade 5 socials kit would be allowed, but not two grade 5 science kits out at once.
  • There is a limit of 8 media items which includes DVDs, CDs and CDroms.
  • The total limit of all items per shipment is 35.
  • Lost or damaged items will be charged to your student funding account.

You can renew items online if no one else has put a hold on them and there are no fines on your account, (so renew them before they are overdue!).

You can also delete bookings and modify dates online, just log in to the Search Portal and go to the My Account tab.

Change of Address

If you plan to move or have moved, please update your address in Encom, then email Kelly at shipping@onlineschool.ca with the new address as she needs to update the courier information. If you do not update the learning commons with a change of address and a shipment is sent to the wrong address, you will be charged for the shipping fee and any lost items.  We do not receive updates automatically, so it is your responsibility to notify us! This will ensure your order is not lost or delayed due to the wrong address!

To make the most of your shipments:

  • Order items in groups for the same date, for one 7 week period
  • Do not order one small item ie. CD at a time
  • Book items well in advance – you can book items up to a year in advance, from September to June.

If you live outside of courier service area, we will ship by Canada Post. The family is responsible for paying for the items to be shipped back, but enrolled families can submit their receipts to the library and have the amount credited to their funding account. 

Families are also responsible for paying for postage to return DVDs, CDs and small items that can be sent by lettermail.

Arranging Returns:

Call or e-mail Kelly Wiebe to arrange pick up:  shipping@onlineschool.ca    250-862-2377 x311

  • Items must be packaged in bubble or Tyvek envelopes (save the packaging the items were sent in!)
  • NO paper envelopes as they rip too easily.  Boxes are also a good choice.
  • Items damaged due to poor packaging will be billed to your account.
  • Local families, please drop off your items at the campus library. Please be aware that we have classes in the mornings.
  • Address for the physical commons is as follows:

HCOS Learning Commons

907 Badke Rd Kelowna BC V1X 5Z5

To access a complete listing of subscriptions, you will need to log in to the Search Portal.  To find the passwords for various subscriptions, choose the Subscriptions icon in the menu along the top.  This will take you to the Subscriptions page, which has the subscriptions links, usernames and passwords, or information where you can find them.

Please read the instructions shared in this Google doc or watch our video.

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