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The HCS Weblinking Library is  our knowledge building center made up of Canadian, Christian and educational websites shared and collated by teachers, and learning commons team members.  These sites are updated on a regular basis, but if you find a dead link, please be sure to let us know.

You may search the web-linking library by browsing the subject topics, grade or keyword search.  Using the simple keyword search search, you will be able to find many current and reliable websites, including a short review for your perusal.  You can also click on the Top Links and find out which are the most popular sites being reviewed on the website.

Search via Keyword 

(quick search or advanced searches available)


Search by Grade: K/1 Web Resources, 2/3 Web Resources, 4/5 Web Resources, 6/7 Web Resources, 8/9 Web Resources and 10-12 Web Resources

Search by Subject A-C including Art, Atlases, BC Ministry of Education, Books and Reading, Canada, Christian Education, Christian Missionaries, Clothing and Dress (History of Fashion), Computer Science and Current Events.

Search by Subject D-K including Dance, Drama, Economics, Educational Games, Educational Technology, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries, Globalization, Holidays, Homeschooling and Information Services.

Search L-P including Languages, Language Arts, Libraries, Mathematics, Media Literacy, Music, Olympic Games, Open Source Textbooks, Parenting, Personal Planning and Life Skills, Philosophy, Physical Education and Project Based Learning.

Search Q-Z including Reference Services, Religions, Science,  Seashore, Social Sciences, Statistics, Teacher Training and Technical Education.

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