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Here are some of the many Health and Career resources from L4U, Overdrive and our Subscriptions.

From our L4U Library:

The Body Book

Two titles from Nancy Rue – The Beauty Book and The Body Book – It’s a God Thing! These books address many of the health related questions for 8-12 year old girls.

Abeka Health

We have a wide selection of Abeka Book Health textbooks, including Health Safety and Manners 3, Developing Good Health 4, Enjoying Good Health 5, Choosing Good Health 6, A Healthier You 7 and Let’s Be Healthy 8 and Health in Christian Perspective 8-12.

Living Books for Life

Living Books for Life – Health and Career by Janis Scott: Grades 3, 4 and 5 – these books cover outcomes in BC for Health and Career using a variety of reading materials, activities and worksheets.

Food Nutrition and Invention

Food: Nutrition and Invention for grades 4-6. Unit study for learning about healthy eating and nutrition.

Total Health

Total Health – Choices for a Winning Lifestyle – a biblical health textbook for High School students.

Life Shaping Decisions

Life Shaping Decisions – Applying God’s Word to Career Planning – For High School

From our Overdrive Library:

Lintball Leo's not-so Stupid Questions about Your Body

Lintball Leo’s Not So Stupid Questions about Your Body (for boys) – Everything a boy should know but won’t ask!

Everyone Tells me to Be Myself

Everyone Tells Me to Be Myself, But I Don’t Know Who I Am – Developing God Centred Self Esteem for 8-12 year old girls.

Taking Godly Care of My Body

Taking Godly Care of My Body – Stewardship Lessons for Health – Grades 2-5

My Amazing Body

My Amazing Body – A First Look at Health and Fitness

Life Skills

Life Skills – Preparing Students for the Future – Grades 5 and up

Health Wellness and Physical Fitness

Health, Wellness and Physical Fitness – Grades 5-8


For Safety topics we have several great resources for your primary students: Fire Safety Literacy Pack, No Dragons for Tea, Be Careful and Stay Safe and Be Safe on the Internet.

For other Health and Career Picture Books – these are wonderful for spurring on conversations:

Health and Career Picture Books

The Bravest of the Brave, Big Bear Hug, The Clean Team, The Eensy Weensy Spider Freaks OutFamily, Itsy Bitsy Spider and the Emergency Urgency, Llama, Llama and the Bully Goat, Peace Week in Mrs. Foxes Class, Three Little Beavers, Sea Monster and the Bossy Fish, When I Feel Worried and Whatever is Lovely,. There are also many titles from Franklin and the Berenstain Bears.

From our Subscriptions:

Brain Pop Health

Brain Pop has a wide variety of lessons for Health. Brain Pop Jr. also has a health section for your younger students.

Reading Rainbow

Discovery Education has a few series for Health and Career – Careers for the 21st Century, Emerging Careers and Managing Your Health are all for High School. Primary Health and Safety are for the Primary Years. You may even be able to find quite a few applicable lessons in Reading Rainbow episodes.

Learn 360 also has many more series available for Health and Career – 21st Century Money Management, Career Options, HomeBiz TV, Junk Food Wars and Pilates for Teens are for your older students and Deskercise, Health Tips, League of Super Citizens for your younger students. For a list with grade levels you can go here.

Pebble Go

Pebble Go has many lessons for your K-3 students to meet Health and Career outcomes.

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