History of British Columbia – Grade 4

History of British Columbia - Digital Kit


History of British Columbia: Digital Kit

Digital Resources for Use With This Kit:

British Columbia History Grade 4 Kit Guide

The primary digital resource you will be using for completing this unit does not come from the HCOS library, rather, you will be making use of KnowBC, one of the many fabulous subscriptions HCOS makes available to families. KnowBC is the online edition of Harbour Publishing’s Encyclopedia of British Columbia. The KnowBC website includes a variety of publications that this unit will make use of. In particular, Far West: The Story of British Columbia, a provincial history for young readers. This fabulous resource will take your child from before the arrival of European explorers through to modern times. While this resource is designed for young readers, I encourage you to read it with your child so that you can discuss the concepts and content.

Online Resources:

Bible Gateway

Additional Information:

You will need to contact your teacher in order to get the login information for KnowBC.

Please Note: Some fourth graders may find the quantity of reading material assigned each day to be overwhelming. While I encourage parents to read the material to their child, regardless of grade, in order to facilitate discussion and enrich your child’s experience of the unit. If this is not possible and your child is beginning to feel overwhelmed I recommend choosing three (or four) selections from each day’s schedule for your child to read (this may be based on personal interest). You may also wish to extend the unit over six weeks rather than completing it in four which will allow your child to read less each day, and give them more time to complete assignments and activities.

Note: All unit studies are checked to ensure links are working. However, information on the internet changes often. Please contact us if you encounter broken links: http://onlineschool.ca.libanswers.com/

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