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To find BrainPOP curriculum correlations, you can scroll down to the correlations below.  Alternatively, you can go to BrainPOP Educators https://educators.brainpop.com/ (no login required) and search under “Academic Standards” from the left-side navigation.  For example:

  When you choose “submit”, a page will open with the various learning standards and BrainPOP videos that teach them, from 2016 curriculum at the top, to older curriculum as you scroll down the page.  To change the subject or grade, go to the top of the page and toggle the changes you would like to see.


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 9

British Columbia Learning Standards

When you have chosen a subject from the left-hand navigation, you will immediately notice that the grade areas for each topic are clearly marked, and the ages to which the material applies.  Parents are strongly recommended to preview Curio.ca material before they use it with students, as the content is secular.  Clicking on the subject link or on “search for related content” will take you to the material available, with the option to filter further.  Don’t forget to check out the “Teacher Guides”, which are available for many subjects.

Log in to Discovery Education at http://app.discoveryeducation.ca/ and choose “Browse by Standards”

 then choose the BC Learning Standards:

 then choose the subject and grade:

 Finally, enter a keyword or scroll down the page.  Note that the items with a “+” will open up to have more information.  Titles in blue are links to a page with all the DE videos or teaching resources for that topic.


Choosing the subject and grade under the banner on this page will give you help with the Big Ideas, using subscriptions (most of which are available to you).

In any of the Gale sites, you can choose Curriculum Standards from the menu bar at the top:

then choose English, Science or Social Studies standards for Middle or High School.   Once the standards page opens, choose the blue links to find related articles.

Science: Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8Grade 9

Math:  Grade 3 Math Correlations with_ GizmosGrade 4 Math Correlation with_ GizmosGrade 5 Math Correlation with_ GizmosGrade 6 Math Correlation with_ GizmosGrade 7 Math Correlation with_ GizmosGrade 8 Math Correlation with_ GizmosGrade 9 Math Correlation with_ Gizmos

SHARED GIZMO LISTS – Math & Science March 2018 will show which Gizmos are available in each grade, which will meet the curriculum requirements for that grade.  A student may sign up for as many grades as they wish, if they wish to study other topics of their interest.  These shared lists may be shared with anyone; they are not private.

For families wishing to use Gizmos with K-2 students, here are some suggestions from the Gizmos folk:

Science-Gizmos-for-Grades-K-2 (Word document to download into your computer)

Science-Gizmos-for-Grades-K-2 (.pdf file you can open and view online)

Math-Gizmos-for-Grades-K-2 (Word document to download into your computer)

Math-Gizmos-for-Grades-K-2 (.pdf file you can open and view online)

A parent or teacher can browse standards and see BC standards, what fits with the new BC Curriculum.  Log in to Learn360 at https://learn360.infobase.com/p_Home.aspx and choose “Search by Standards” at the top centre of the page:

then choose British Columbia Standards, grade and subject, then “View”:

When you click on the blue words on the screen that opens, you will see all the videos and segments, as well as other resources that are available for learning that particular standard.  It may take a few seconds for the page to load.

You will also want to filter, using the navigation on the right-hand side of the page, to choose types of video, languages, producers and copyright dates.

Under the advanced search, you can choose the BC Curriculum, go to the subject and topic in the curriculum, click on the link and it will take you to all the Learn360 videos that support that item in the BC curriculum for the grade you’ve chosen. 

Here are the video series in Learn360 and the grades for which they are appropriate:  Video Series in Learn360

To find the Matific curriculum correlations, you will log in to the Matific site as a teacher/parent, choose Content and from the row below, choose “Curriculum”.

Then choose the grade and provincial curriculum, domain, subdomain and standard you want:

Use the Search by Topic box in Mystery Science to see the exact lessons, or open the planning documents at the bottom of this screen.

Mystery Science Units in Same Order as Website:

(this is not following the new BC Curriculum)

  • Force Olympics – Grade K
  • Weather Watching – Grade K
  • Plant and Animal Secrets – Grade K and Grade 1
  • Spinning Sky – Grade 1
  • Lights and Sounds – Grade 1
  • Plant and Animal Superpowers – Grade 1 (survival), Grade 2(parents/offspring); Grade 4 (structural adaptations)
  • Plant Adventures –  Grade 1 (survival); Grade 3 (ecosystems/ habitat); Grade 4 (structure/ adaptations, biomes)
  • Animal Adventures – Grade 3 (biodiversity/ habitats)
  • Material Magic – Grade K (what are things made of); Grade 1 properties of matter) & Grade 4 (Phases of matter)
  • Work of Water – Grade 3 (Landforms, erosion)
  • Power of Flowers –  Grade 2 (recommend Plant Adventures first)
  • Animals Through Time – Grade 4 (biomes, adaptations); Grade 7 (fossils, variation & selection)
  • Invisible Forces – Grade 2
  • Stormy Skies – Grade 1 (Weather); Grade 3 (water cycle); Grade 4 (phases of matter; biomes);
  • Birth of Rocks – Grade 5 (Rock cycle); Grade 3 (Land Changes)
  • Energizing Everything – Grade 4 (Energy);
  • Human Machine – Grade 4 (animal senses); Grade 6 (Muscles, Skeleton, & nervous systems)
  • Waves of Sound – Grade 1 (sound) & Grade 8 (sound waves)
  • Spaceship Earth – Grade 1 (earth, moon, and sun); Grade 6 (Extreme environment- solar system)
  • Web of Life – Grade 3 (food chains, consumers, decomposers); Grade 4 (biomes)
  • Chemical Magic – Grade 1 (properties); Grade 2 (Changes/reactions); Grade 3 (particles); Grade 4 (gases)
  • Watery Planet – Grade 2

Kindergarten Planning Doc

Grade 1 Planning Doc

Grade 2 Planning Doc

Grade 3 Planning Doc

Grade 4 Planning Doc

Grade 5 Planning Doc

Mystery Science & NGSS Alignment (K-5 Planning Guide)

PebbleGo Correlation (Kindergarten to Gr. 3)

PebbleGo Next Correlations (Grades 3-6  Science only at this time)

To find curriculum correlations for World Book’s Science Power site, log in to World Book and choose Science Power from their main home page.

Choose “British Columbia” under “Search by curriculum standard”, then choose your grade and “Go”.

At the bottom of the World Book pages there is a menu with these items in it:

Choosing “For Educators” will take you to a page with resources for teachers (and parents), including curriculum correlations.