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Second Language:

  • One very popular resource for second languages is The Easy French. It’s written to be used by a homeschooler and the author is a Francophone, Christian, homeschooling mom. There is also The Easy Spanish.
  • Many students are now doing Latin.  Consider the Latina Christiana series.
  • Another great series is Latin for Children.
  • We offer online subscriptions to Rosetta Stone and Tell Me More. These are great for immersion based learning but need to be supplemented with some conversational phrases, cultural information, and (in the later years) formal grammar instruction.
  • Our  courses are great options for grades 9 and 10 especially if the parent is not confident with a second language.
  • The Ultimate French Review Practice and Easy French Reader are to be found on Overdrive.  These books complement Rosetta Stone French course.
  • Nallenart:  French curriculum for K-9, free to HCOS students.  Contact Beth Johnson in Subscriptions.

  • School Wax:
  • What in the World and Canadian Reader.  Choose the French option at
  • World Book:  Choose the French icon for Decouverte.
  • Discovery Education:  Video clips and audio files.
  • Nallenart French is an inexpensive subscription with workbooks and audio clips.
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