Using Subscriptions for Indigenous Integration

Are you needing ideas for adding First Peoples content?

Our HCOS subscriptions offer you a variety of ways to incorporate First Peoples studies into the subjects you are learning already.

  • To find books which will enhance your teaching, go to the  ERAC K-12 Resource Collection.  Searching the key word “aboriginal” will show 174 recommended books, which the Ministry has evaluated.  Searching for these titles in NoveList Plus would also give further description.

  • By going to the menu in the upper right-hand of the site, you can also choose “Education and Curriculum” and scroll down to find the “Aboriginal Education” resources available.

  • HCOS teachers, if you set up an account in the ERAC site, you will be able to see the complete assessment of each book, and access the full aboriginal education resources.
  • For excellent British Columbia First Peoples content, is your best site.  Typing “aboriginal” into the search bar at the top will garner 471 documents!  For more specific results, choose a book title.  Underneath the description of the book will be a line saying something like this:  “Enter a keyword in the “Search this Book” window or click here to Browse the Index.”  Going to the index allows you to find that more specific content you need.  The main resource in this site is the “Encyclopedia of British Columbia”, which has “more than 4,000 entries and 1,500 accompanying photographs, maps, charts and tables, as well as sound and video clips, The EBC is the source of readable and authoritative information on all the significant British Columbian people, places and things.”
  • To find uniquely Canadian content from CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and Radio-Canada, go to  This site has “documentaries from television and radio, news reports, archival material, stock shots and more — thousands of programs and resources that you can access.”  I find that I search these by subject under the “Categories” and “Collections” headings.  However, if you go to “Resources”, then “Curricula” and “British Columbia”, you will find specifically BC subjects and can search for programs that will actually meet the BC Ministry requirements.  You will also find “Teacher Guides” and “Tutorials” for many of the programs.

How does this help you with your First Peoples studies?  Under “Categories”, if you choose “Social Studies”, you will see a list which includes “Indigenous Studies”.  Under “Collections”, you can again choose “Social Studies” and find such collections as “Aboriginal Education Then and Now: Issues, Controversies and Concerns”, “Best of News in Review:  Native Studies”, “Beyond 94: Truth and Reconciliation in Canada”, “Contemporary Indigenous Voices”, “INdigenous Governance”, “Indigenous Land and Resource Management Rights”, “Indigenous Language Revitalization”, “Indigenous Youth”, “North of 60:  Life in the North”, “Residential Schools:  a Sad Chapter in Canadian History” among others.

  • We have two specifically video sites for students to use in their learning: Discovery Education and Learn360.  In Discovery Education, you will look for Social Studies topics.  You will find subjects such as:  Ancient Times, Colonial, Confederation, Canada’s Role in World History, Civics, Government, Geography, Famous People, Economic System, Culture and French Canada.  Most of these will have First Peoples content.
  • In Learn360, typing in both “Aboriginal” and “Canada” into the advanced search brings up 66 results.  Searching “First Peoples” brings up hundreds of results; however, in this site, be aware that all these searches will bring up content from around the world, not just Canada’s First Peoples.  Instead of “Advanced Search”, using the “Search by Standards” will allow students to find material that is relevant for their own grade.
  • High school students will find another good source in the GALE CENGAGE site, “Canada in Context”.  Looking under “Advanced Search” students may use “Topic Finder”.  There they can type in a search term or terms to have either a “wheel” or “tile” view of the search.  “Aboriginal” and “First Peoples” all produce good results.

To find the usernames and passwords for these subscriptions, log in to the Search Portal and choose “Subscriptions” from the main menu.

To alphabetize the list of subscriptions that pops up, just click on the word “Name” at the top of the first column.