(Also called EverFi – NHL Players’ Association courses on Digital Citizenship)

The Vancouver Canucks ®, in collaboration with the NHL® and the NHLPA, are excited to announce a new education initiative called Future Goals.  The Future Goals program makes two digital learning resources available to your district at no cost.

Our digital citizenship course is available now and at no cost. This is a web-based course for students in grades 5-8, covering topics such as cyberbullying, online safety and conducting online research.

  • This course has 7 modules, each approximately 30 minutes in length, covering topics such as: cyberbullying, how to tell if a website is credible, copyright issues, texting and driving, and careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)
  • Each module has a pre and post assessment so you can see how your students are doing

Tips for Successful Implementation

  • Students will need headphones to use the course
  • The course is compatible with all devices. We recommend using Chrome as a browser if possible
  • Note:  Student progress is saved

Contact your teacher for further information.